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How to Make Multi SSID On Indihome ZTE Wifi Router - F609

WiFi is a connection that can be said to be stable on the internet network. However, it is back again in terms of speed and the number of users of the connection. If more and more users use one wifi at the same time, of course it will reduce speed and make the connection disappear by itself.

Using WiFi will feel more efficient than buying a quota package that is still limited in use. No need to think how long the quota or bandwidth will end. Because WiFi already unlimited or unlimited use. But even though it’s unlimited, it’s still given an FUP which limits internet speed if it exceeds the limit bytes already determined.

In this article, the author will share how to create a new SSID on the admin page on the ZTE – F609 Indihome WiFi router. So you can share a WiFI network in one router to keep the internet connection stable.


The following is the author’s review of the working method:

1. Enter your router address in the browser, default admin indihome router URL is Then enter username and password admin.

2. Go to Menu NetworkSSID SettingsChoose SSID. Select the new SSID you want to activate then press the button Submit.

3. Checklist Enable SSID, then enter the number of clients that can access the network and give your new SSID a name. Next press the button Submit.

4. Still in Menu Networknow select Security to give password in your new SSID network then press button Submit.

5. Open icon Your WiFi then checks the list of SSIDs to make sure the new network has been established.

Well, that’s step by step in making multi SSID for indihome routers series ZTE – F609. The presence of a new SSID is expected to make your internet connection more stable, because it does not depend on only one network.

Especially considering the maximum capacity client or network users whose number is limited to 32 only. Of course this is not effective if used on a scale user large ones, for example for internet cafes or public WiFi.

Hopefully this article is useful for loyal friends of Inwepo out there.