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How to Make LINE Stickers With Your Own Photos

Hello guys… You want to be an entrepreneur but don’t have the capital? or still in school? easy guys. you can do it!! Let’s try to make your own line sticker to make it cooler and cooler, would you like to have a homemade line sticker and take your own photo?? Come on guys try to pass it on to increase your income as well as create a collection of online stickers with your own photos.

So come on, what are you waiting for, let’s see the tutorial. OK, let’s see how to make it:

1. There are several terms & conditions provided by the line. For more details, see the image below:

2. Select the photo you want to make into a sticker and edit it using Photoshop or Corel Draw. (Here I use Photoshop to edit the photo).

3. Set the paper size for the main image to be 240 x 240.

4. Select menu open> then select the photo you want to edit (try for a photo that is 1 color background just).

4. Use MAGIC ERASER TOOL to remove background on the photo. (view image).

5. Then after you finish deleting background object selection and drag to the paper that we have determined the size. (see picture) (for drag how to press ALT + left click while sliding to the paper you want).

6. Then adjust the photo according to size.

7. After you have matched the size, please make the words that fit the photo (see picture).

8. Then save with .PNG format

That’s a tutorial from me about HOW TO MAKE A LINE STICKER WITH YOUR OWN PHOTO using adobe photoshop.

Download Inwepo Stickers