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How to Make Gesture Unlock on Android

Here I will explain how to change Pattern Unlock Becomes Gesture Unlock. Its features are also very interesting, namely:

  • Change Password with any Gesture we want.
  • Gestures are more difficult to guess than Patterns which consist of nine dots.
  • Can open applications that have been installed that have been programmed gestures before.

The terms for installing Gesture Unlock are:

1. Android Lollipop or marshmallows which has beenroot. If you haven’t read:

2. Installed Android Xposed Installer. If you haven’t read:

3. Download the app Gesture Unlock From Xposed Installer.

4. After downloads, Activate the module in the Modules – Tick Gesture Unlock.

5. Restart your Android.

6. Reopen Applications’Gesture Unlock’ You.

7. Section SettingsMake the option to be ‘ON’.

8. Select ‘Set up your gestures’.

9. Make Gesture that you like as Passwords.

10. Draw one more time Gesture that you drew earlier.

11. Click ‘Next‘.

NB: to activate this feature, you are required to use Password which is Pattern.

Password Your Android will soon turn into Gesture Unlock!

You can also make Shortcuts app from lock screen lol! The method :

1. Reopen the App Gesture Unlock.

2. Select ‘Custom Shortcuts‘.

3. Tap ‘ADD’.

4. Select Apps.

5. Select the Application you want to makeShortcuts‘. This time I took LINE for example.

6. Create Gesture what do you want. This time gesturemust be different from Gesture which has been defined as Password.

7. Picture Once again as confirmation.

8. Shortcuts for your application is ready. You can also make Shortcuts more than one application.

That’s How to Change Pattern Unlock Becomes Gesture Unlock.