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How to Make Doodle Art Sender Name in Photoshop

Friend inwepo, this time the author will share a tutorial on how to make doodle art with Adobe Photoshop.

But before we start discussing the steps, the author will outline the meaning of doodle art.

Doodle art is a means of work and creativity that is cheap and lively. No need for special paper like canvas, even in cigarette packs can be done. All back to the actor doodle art itself in choosing equipment and style doodle comfortable for him. Doodle art is also included in 2-dimensional art, and is included in the art of attractive graphic design.

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Now Doodle art growing, its shape abstract and has its own uniqueness that makes the actors more and more from day to day.

Alright, looks like the description of doodle art Enough to get there first, then we just peel off the complete steps – the manufacturing steps.

Ingredients :

1. Adobe Photoshop application.

2. Pictures doodle art (if you don’t have the image yet, you can downloaddownload directly on google)

3. Plain paper drawing.


1. Open the Photoshop application that has been installed on your laptop / PC.

2. Insert image doodle art and draw plain paper by clicking the menu File > Open ( Ctrl+O )

3. Then type your name on the doodle artby clicking “Horizontal Type Toolor commonly marked with icon letter T.

4. Next, hover over the window layers and right click on layers your text and select “Blending Options

5. After clicking blending options, then a window will open layer styles, on the window layer styles that, you choose stroke and set as shown below:

After you are done on stroke options, then you click on drop shadows, and set as shown below; then click OK.

And the result will look like this. But don’t be happy just yet, because there are still next steps that make doodle art you guys are even more interesting.

6. Next step, on window layers hover over layers writing and block layers writing and background layers-then right click and select Merge Layers. This step is intended to background layers and layers the writing will not be separated if it is paste-kan to a plain paper image.

7. Next click on the menu Select > All, then click menu Edit > Copy, this step aims to copy doodle art.

8. Copy steps doodle art when finished, then hover over the plain paper drawing window, then click menu Edit > Paste. After that change the Normal effect to multiply, aim for color doodle art blends with the color of the plain paper.

After the colors have blended, you will immediately complete the last step, which is to adjust the position doodle art to be symmetrical with the paper.

And Finally, your doodle art is done. The result is like this:

That’s all until here, my friend, inwepo, good luck, I hope this tutorial is useful for you. Good Luck.