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How to Make / Build Apk in Android Studio

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems. This makes the developer Android began to compete to create applications that can be used and useful for the community.

For those of you who are just starting to enter the world of android, there is no need to worry, because in this tutorial, we will discuss about creating an apk from a project that you have created in Android Studio. When the apk is ready, then the apk can be registered to the playstore and can be used by others.

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Video Tutorials

How to Create / Generate Signed Apk in Android Studio

1. Click the build menu at the top window Android Studio.

2. There are two types of apk that you can make. The first apk is a regular apk, this apk is used for the development process and cannot be used by the public. While the second apk is signed apk. This apk is an apk that is ready to be registered in the playstore and used by the community. Select Signed APK.

3. Here you have to make key store. Key store is a place where you save the projects you have created, but not in apk form. Click the create new button to make key store new.

4. Click the dot 3 . button in the upper right corner to select a location key store saved.

5. Choose a save location key store and click ok button.

6. Below is the next step after selecting the storage location keystore.

  • In part 1, you have to fill in password for safety key store.
  • In part 2, repeat password which you have filled in part 1
  • In part 3, fill in the form according to the data you have

Click ok button to continue.

7. In the next step, just go ahead click next button.

8. Enter the key store password which you have filled in step 6.

9. In part build type, select release and tick all signature versions.

10. Wait until the apk creation process is complete. You can see the apk in the folder.

C: /user/AndroidProjects/project_name/app/

That’s the complete way to make / build an Apk in Android Studio.