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How to Make Android Can Speak When Opening Apps

Who doesn’t have smartphone in this day and age? Almost all levels of society, from small children to adults, even grandparents now must hold the name smartphone. The reason is quite simple because the technology is sophisticated and advanced and can be multifunctional.

Well, when it comes to advanced technology, of course, everyone knows the smart AI character created by Iron man namely Jarvis. Yes, Jarvis is an AI that can greet and simplify all my workron man. It turns out that like Jarvis we can also make smartphone which we have now greets us every time we open certain applications like Jarvis and Iron man.

Of course, we can do this with settings first and add an application to make the Android we have can talk. Then what applications can we use to make smartphone are we as cool as Jarvis? Please see the full review below.

Video Tutorials


The first stepInstall the Tasker application on the Play Store.

Download the Tasker Application Via Google Play

Download the Tasker Application Via Mediafire

Second stepopen the Tasker app tap tick on Disclaimer then tap the plus icon to add Profile.

Third stepcontinue select Application then select the application you want to use then return using the button back which is in the top left corner. It will appear later warning or notification select OK.

Fourth stepyou will be directed to the menu Accessibility then select Tasker, then slide the accessibility switch to activate it. Next you will be directed to give a name to the task you just created.

Fifth stepafter giving a name to the new task you will be directed again to edit the task, select plus icon in the middle, then select Alert then select Say.

Sixth stepon the menu Action Edit in the Text fill it with whatever greeting sentence is up to you. Then on Engine Voice tap search icon and select Google Text to Speech Engine.

Seventh stepselect the ind-idn language, then you can try or test first whether the sentence is right by pressing the play button below.

Final you can immediately try to open the application that you have settings previously in the Tasker application and later it will automatically say the greeting sentence that you made earlier.