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How to Install Ad Box Widget with Refresh Function

Today’s tutorial is related to Ad box Widget With Refresh Function what I got from a well-known blogger site, namely arlinadesign. On this occasion I will show you how to install it widget ad with javascript which also aims to make your blog lighter.

Ways of working widget this one is like a Google Adsense ad script, namely ad banners will appear alternately after yourefresh page site.

Here’s a tutorial on how to install an ad box widget with a refresh function

1. Login Go to Blogger – Layout – Add Gadget – Html/JavaScript – paste the code below:

Notes: if you want to add an ad box, you just need to change the code var arldgzn_id = 3; Becomes var arldgzn_id = 5;

2. You also only need to change the words according to what you want to appear on the website/your site.

if (arldgzn_place == 4) { url = "LINK TUJUAN"; alt = "DESKRIPSI IKLAN"; title = "JUDUL IKLAN"; banner = "BANNER IKLAN"; width = "300"; height = "250"; }

To change the size of the banner, please set the height and width width= “300” and height = “250”; according to your individual needs.