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How to Hide Chat Messages on WhatsApp

Recognized or not WhatsApp is one of the applications chat must-have smartphone. Even since there was WhatsApp, surely you no longer use SMS to send messages.

Now almost every agency, community or other organization uses WhatsApp. But for various reasons, many WhatsApp users want to hide conversation messages.

Actually there is no way that can completely hide WhatsApp messages completely, but there are some tips that you can use so that at least the messages are not easily read by others.

How to Hide Conversations on WhatsApp

Feature archive chat you can use as an alternative to hide chat. To save a message in the form archive follow these steps:

1. Run the WhatsApp application – open tab chat to specify the message to be hidden in the form archive.

2. Press and stand message (like the red box in the image below) until it appears context menu on.

3. After the menu appears, select Archive Chat (like the yellow box in the image below).

4. Messages from the contact will automatically be saved in the form of archive. Order now archive will be at the bottom of the WhatsApp Chat tab (like the green box in the image above). It means indeed archive it can still be accessed with a little effort but at least the message will be a little hidden if your WhatsApp has tens or hundreds of conversations.

Notes: messages saved in the form archive it will automatically reappear when you receive a message from the contact or you send the message to him/her.

As for if you want to restore the message manually, you can do so by opening the archive from the very bottom Chat tab then select archive which will be returned. Press and hold archive until the options menu appears. select Unarchive Chat and the message will be returned to its original position.