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How to Get Free Rare Costumes on Dragon Nest Mobile

Dragon Nest Saint Haven is games mobile 3D ARPG, adapted from games the famous MMORPG Dragon Nest.
In the 66th year of King Cassius, the fear of the Black Dragon has descended from the hearts and minds of the citizens.

However, the Dragon Followers have brought up a new conspiracy, intending to drag them into another nightmare, and cause unprecedented turmoil in the Lagendia continent.

The mysterious ancient maiden, the six tiered heroes, the prophesied Prophet, the evil Seven Apostles, the resurrected Dragon of Destruction. Lagendia is under a cloud of uncertainty. Sent back from time by the Goddess, what future will new players and heroes rewrite.

This shirt is a new Pre-Login from Dragon nest web and how to get the costume? just follow the tutorial below.

1. Open the following site link

2. Next, login with Facebook

3. Choose your mobile device, Android or IOS

4. Enter your mobile number starting with the number 62 followed by your number, for example: 62821234567810

5. Next select Login.

6. Next scroll down and look for Menu like below Enter your Dragon Nest ID and select character – tap Send And Get Items.

7. Next scroll again down to get Code Reedem.

8. In section Reward Gift Code you Copy and login into your Dragon Nest account.

9. If you are already logged in Lobby you tap events.

10. Log in to Walfare ClaimPaste Code you, when you have Lobby again see there is a mailbox on the side chat you – tap and take the prize.

11. Then immediately open the bag and open it box and you will automatically get 1 shirt set Cendy Fairy Tale.