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How to Get Free Heroes in the Marvel Super War Game

Being the first Marvel MOBA game, Marvel Super War ready to take you to enter the world of a very epic battle. Starting from Captain America, Iron Man, to Thanos, players will be treated to all the popular characters in the game franchise Marvel. Imagine the excitement when the Super Heroes fight with Super Villains?

To play this game, you will at least find 6 role heroesthat is Tanks, Energy, Support, Marksman, Assassin, and Fighter. Eits calm down, if you’re lazy to play hero assassin, like Captain America for example, you can open the menu Shop to buy hero other.

In game Marvel Super War, Star Credit is also a term for the currency you can use when buying hero and items other. Then, can we get Marvel Super War heroes for free, without Star credit marvel super war? Of course you can, follow the steps below!

Go to Tab Beginner Sign-in

marvel super war tier list

You can get hero from Marvel Super War characters for free by playing it for a whole week. Yes, that’s because this game developed and released by NetEase will give you various bonuses, ranging from crystals, skinsuntil heroif you play it for seven days in a row.

Even this way can make you get hero free with battle power tall like Iron Man or the Hulk, you know. For that, first go to the menu events. Then you select the tab option Beginner. After that, continue by selecting the tab menu Beginner Sign-in to check the bonus earned.

select Hero in First Recharge Bonus

marvel super war pc

Whether it’s playing on Android or marvel super war pc, players can still get hero for free. In fact, you can also choose the characters that enter the list hero most iconic in franchise Marvel, such as Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, and Captain America.

Well, you can get the three iconic heroes for free if you previously did this recharge. However, this method is only valid for one time, yes! First, open the menu events. Then select Daily and continue with tab First Recharge Bonus. Finally, check hero available on the menu.

Complete All Quest What’s in Events

Like MOBA games in general, each season presents eventshis own. Therefore, as much as possible complete everything quest in events that you play. Because if you manage to do it, you will get all the bonuses crystal and coins available in every quest.

For example, players will find events with the title Gauntlet in the first season. Well, if you can finish all quest in the event, you will get a bonus hero free, namely Storm.

use Coin or Crystal to get Hero Free

marvel super war hero

Beside Star Credit which is the in-game currency marvel super wars, players can wear crystal and coins for shopping hero. the difference, Star Credit Of course it must be filled with real money, while crystal and coins you can earn from fighting, claiming bonuses and completing quest.

Therefore, collect more bonuses coins and crystal to be later exchanged for hero your favorite. Also, visit the menu Shop regularly to check whether crystal or coins you are enough to be exchanged for hero certain.

Stop by the Museum!

marvel super war characters

Every player wants hero from Marvel Super War tier list top. A number of hero rare and powerful like Magneto, Thor, and Thanos will certainly make your attack line stronger. Well, if you want to get one of them, without having to spend Star Credittry opening the Museum menu.

You can find the Museum tab in the Shop Menu. After that, convert your Dark Star item to Dark Shard. Alternatively, you can also exchange Bright Crystals for Brilliant Caskets. At the beginning of the game, gamers will get one Dark Star. If you want to double the amount, you can buy it with crystal.

Those are some ways to get hero for free in game Marvel Super War PC or the Android version. Also as additional information, there are some expensive heroes that you should not buy when playing this game, namely Captain Marvel, War Machine, Loki, Black Widow, and Deadpool. Yes, you should be careful when choosing one of the five characters. This is because not all expensive heroes have a strong attack power.

For example, Captain Marvel has damage which is relatively small and also not durable. Besides that, hero in MOBA games should have speed farming and sadly, Captain Marvel is weak in that regard. You will also find the same thing in characters hero female protagonist Black Widow, who is always depicted as lively in the Avengers film series.

Unfortunately, Black Widow belongs to the type assassin heroes weak in this MOBA game. Damageis very small and when the character enters team fightBlack Widow is very easy to defeat because her blood is thin and has no debuff.

Meanwhile, Loki’s figure who falls into the hero power does not show movement that is quite agile in this game. While fighting, Loki also has no abilities damageeven though he was indeed blessed with skills disappear. On the other hand, there is the War Machine character, who is depicted as a very strong figure and has many deadly weapons in the film, which turns out to be the case. mushy in gameplay this. It’s fragile when you go inside team fight, War Machine also doesn’t show as good mobility as Iron Man. In fact, the effect debuffIt’s also a responsibility, you know.

The most unfortunate, figure hero It’s funny that Deadpool also doesn’t have damage big in this game made by Marvel. Mobility is also low so it is very easy to die in battle. So, think again before choosing hero your mainstay, so as not to lose when exchanging crystal or coins which you have worked so hard to get. UniPin Blog