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How to Fix Camera Blur on Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the smartphone flagship Samsung in 2022 which brings new innovation infinity display with full bezel-less display and EDGE curved display. In his camera has features auto focus like a DSLR camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an improvement by removing the button home The physical below the screen of the previous Samsung Galaxy S7 still has physical buttons.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) which functions to stabilize the results of the images being photographed, with this OIS feature will produce sharper images and do not look blurry, and when taking video recordings the video results reduce the shake effect on the video.

Behind the sophistication of the camera, it turns out that there are bugs on the rear camera. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 user and are experiencing the same thing, here’s an easy way to fix a Samsung Galaxy S8 camera that is blur/blurry/not focus.

Fix Blur On Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

1. Open the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera app.

2. If the camera looks blurry please you shake or shake several times until the camera returns to normal and focuses.


If the camera blurs repeatedly, try it please updates the operating system to the latest OREO, if you still like blur, you should take it to the Samsung service center for repair.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S8 Operating System

for the way updates the latest operating system on the Samsung Galaxy S8, here’s how:

Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S8 battery is above 50%.

Entered into Settings – Software Update – Download Updates Manually. If there is updates files please download to completionthen Apply.

Later your Android will restart and update, wait for it to finish.