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How to Disable/Lock Touchscreen Functions on Android

Touchscreen is a vital part or can be said to be very important in smartphone. But sometimes technology touch screen which is increasingly responsive makes us accidentally or worse accidentally delete important files or important applications. Even so, we can minimize it all by disabling the touch screen on the smartphone our.

Currently, there are many parents who distract their children by playing smartphone. For example, watching videos on YouTube.

However, because they are still toddlers, sometimes children can’t control it touch screen properly it could even accidentally delete important files in the smartphone.Or it could be when we enter smartphone in his pocket and accidentally made an outgoing call.

Of course this will be very detrimental to us. For that, for those who don’t want this incident to happen to us, it’s better if we disable the touch screen on smartphone so that things don’t go wrong. Here’s how to disable the touchscreen on Android:

Video Tutorials:

The first step, download and install the application Touch Lock on the Play Store.

The second step, when the application is installed properly, open the Touch Lock application. When you open it for the first time there will be a notification Privacy & Policy, tap ACCEPT.

Third step, next tap ENABLE NOW on the page to enable accessibility then select Touch Lock.

The fourth step, swipe right on the accessibility button to start activating. Then back to home and pull down notification bar and tap Touch Lock.

The fifth step, a Fail to enable notification will appear, just tap Go, then swipe right on the Allow button to pull over other applications.

Sixth step, pull it down again notification bar and select Touch Lock. When it’s locked properly there will be a circle with a lock line on the edge when you touch anywhere on the Smartphone Touchscreen you.

Done, How to disable / disable or lock the touchscreen function on Android.