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How to Disable / Disable Auto Startup Programs on Windows 10

Have you ever installed an application on your computer and found that the application always appears when your computer is turned on?

This of course makes the computer’s performance will decrease when it starts running, this is because many applications are running at the same time. But take it easy, because there is a way to set the application not to run automatically when your computer is turned on. In this way, it is hoped that the computer’s performance can be better the first time it is run.

Below is an example of an application that runs automatically when a new computer starts.

Video Tutorials:

1. Right click on taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select task manager.

3. Here will be displayed applications that are running, whether it’s in the background or not. Click for more details for more complete settings.

4. Here will be displayed in more detail the application that is running. Starting from the use of cpu, memory, disk, network, and gpu. Select startup tab for setting startup application

5. Here there will be 2 columns that have different information, namely the status column and startup impact.

  • Column impact status contains information about how much influence the application has on the computer when it runs automatically. There are several levels, namely not measured, low, medium, and high. The higher it is impact status, the greater the influence on the system. If the status is high, it is better to turn off the startup, because it is very burdensome to the system.

  • Status is the status of the application, whether the auto startup feature is active or not. If disable then it is not active, if enable means active.

6. Right click the app which will be deactivated. Select disable.

7. Here it can be seen that the status of the Steam application has been disable.

That’s how to disable or disable auto startup of application programs in Windows 10.