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How to Delete Multiple Telegram Contacts at Once

Did you know that the Telegram chat application has a website version? So far, we only know that the Telegram application has two versions, namely a desktop version on PC and a mobile version on Android/Ios phones. For the desktop version and the mobile version, we must first download the application via the Play Store or on the official Telegram website.

Telegram Web

To be able to use the Telegram application on this website version, we don’t need to bother downloading Telegram, because only with the installed browser application, we can easily access Telegram accounts. For web-based Telegram applications, it can also be called Web Telegram.

Delete multiple contacts on Telegram Web

Apart from being easy to access using any device, Web Telegram has several other benefits. One of them is to delete multiple contacts in the Telegram application at once. Given that the mobile version of the Telegram application on a smartphone can only delete contacts one by one, of course this Telegram Web is very useful when deleting several contacts at once on Telegram.

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1. Open the Chrome browser application on your Android phone, then type the keyword Telegram web in the Google search field. No need to wait long, Google will display search results related to Telegram. Select it and click Telegram Web.

How to Delete Multiple Telegram Contacts at Once

2. Open your Telegram account by selecting Country and type phone number you who are registered as a Telegram account. Then, click the button Next in the top right corner.

3. After that a notification popup will appear that will ask you again that the phone number you entered is correct. If yes, click OK; but it could be wrong, click cancel.

How to Delete Multiple Telegram Contacts at Once

4. After the phone number is sent, then Web Telegram will ask for an account verification code which will be sent via the Telegram application. So open the Telegram application, copy the verification code, and then paste the code on the Telegram Web.

How to Delete Multiple Telegram Contacts at Once

5. After that, you will be directed to the main page of the Telegram website version. The Telegram web interface is very different from the Telegram application display

6. Meanwhile, to see all the contacts available on your Telegram account, click the icon three lines in the upper right corner and select Contacts.

How to Delete Multiple Telegram Contacts at Once

7. Then the Telegram Web will display all the contacts available on your Telegram account. To delete multiple Telegram contacts at once, click the icon three dots in the upper right corner, and select Edit. Check the list of which phone numbers you want to delete, and click the button Delete in the top right corner. Finished.

How to Delete Multiple Telegram Contacts at Once


Although both are Telegram applications, in fact the website-based Telegram application and the mobile-based Telegram application have a different main page display. For the feature to delete multiple contacts at once, it can only be done on the website-based Telegram application. Whereas in the mobile-based Telegram application, you can only delete Telegram contacts one by one.