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How to Create Your Own Music With Song Maker (Android & iOS)

The development of technology in today’s global era is indeed growing rapidly. What we used to have to go to the studio to make music or songs now we can use. The mobile phone or smartphone that we have to make songs. Curious about how, let’s look at the following review.

Song or music is indeed a thing that feels very difficult to remove from our lives. Maybe since childhood we have often listened to music or songs. Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays many people choose a hobby of playing music whether it is as a vocalist, a player of musical instruments or it can be as a singer composer music.

As a musician, whether you are a beginner or a professional, of course you want to create a song. Now with the sophistication of technology, now we no longer need to bother going to the studio to compose songs. With just a smartphone, we can create very interesting music. We don’t even need to use additional applications, just use the Google Chrome browser. Instead of being curious, just go to the following tutorial.

Video Tutorials


The first step, open Google Chrome browser make sure to use Google Chrome because if you use other browsers you like errors or the display looks incomplete and some features are missing. Next, in the url field, enter the following song maker site address:

second step, tap icon musical instrument at the bottom to change the sound of the instrument used. Then don’t forget to change the beat model with tap icon Electronicsalso set the tempo with tap on the Tempo menu.

Third step, tap gear icon or settings for more detailed settings.

The fourth step, to start making the tone of the contents of the empty boxes. To hear tap play icon at the bottom left.

The fifth step, if it is enough tap save to save the music you’ve made. Save the link that appears or you can also share your creation directly to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

So, good luck making your own music. That’s how to make your own music without additional applications on Android or iOS (iPhone).