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How to Create a Puzzle Effect on Photos in Photoshop

Hello loyal friends of Inwepo, this time the author will share a tutorial on how to make photos into effects puzzle with photoshop.

Effect Creation Puzzles in Photoshop it’s actually very easy, because for puzzle-it uses ttemplate or texture which is already in Photoshop.

The technique mostly uses PEN TOOL and games Layers just.

Ok, the author immediately explained the steps for making it.

Materials, including:

1. The photo that will be used as an effect puzzles.

2. Texture puzzle(if you don’t have it in photoshop yet texture puzzles, You can searching and download on google.

The steps, among others:

1. Open the photo that you want to use puzzle Click File > Open

2. Next duplicate layers in a way ( Ctrl + J )

3. Click Filters > Filter Gallery.

After window gallery filters opens as shown above, then we click Texture > Texturizer.

4. Now we LOAD texture puzzle already in download.

How, in Windows Texturizer there is a sign like a button play pointing downwards, as circled in red below.

Click the button, a button will appear Load Texturethen click.

Then, search files texture puzzle earlier.. (the format is .PSD yes..) select and open.

5. Next set the number on scaling and reliefs.

It depends on the image, if the image is small, reduce it scaling-his. then click OK.

6. Now we make layers new in between background layers and layer duplicate background Click background layers-his.

Click button Add New Layer the one under the window Layers.

Then layers just colored it with white using Paint Bucket tool.

Now is the hardest part.

use PEN Tool to select pieces puzzle-his.

Take note PEN Tool Options like in the picture:

Still in Pen Tool. Right click on the selection result > Make Selection

In the window Make Selectiontype 0 on Feather Radius, then OK.

And you will see a dotted line like this:

Click layers > NEW > layers via cut.

It means we make layers new with results cut from Layers 1.

Now formed layers new (layers 3) result cut earlier :

The selection from the original image has been cropped.

Move pieces puzzle It was up to you where to save it or play it like this:

We give effect Drop Shadow let it look 3D

Right click on layers 3 > Blending Options just follow fake-his.

Finally, the result is like this loyal friend of inwepo.

Good luck, loyal friends of Inwepo, hopefully the tutorial for making photos becomes puzzle with photoshop can be useful. good luck.