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How to Create a Movie Poster Using Photoshop

Hello loyal friends of Inwepo. This time the author will provide a tutorial that is even more challenging than before, here the author will share a tutorial on making a movie poster using adobe photoshop.

From the title alone, it’s interesting, isn’t it? but it looks even more interesting if you make it yourself. Are you having trouble making it? Don’t worry, because you will find it easy to make by following the steps that the author will describe below.

Let’s just start making movie posters using Adobe Photoshop.

Ingredients :

1. The object image from the poster (here the author uses an iron man image).

2. Pictures background poster (here the author uses 2 backgrounds, namely the image of New York City and the image of fire).

3. Image of iron man writing (recommended using .png format).


1. Create a new document with A4 size and with a resolution of 300 dpi.

2. After creating a new document, then you color the document black using Paint Bucket Tool.

3. Open the image backgrounds, then drag the image to the black page earlier.

4. Next set the image background extend down or fit.

5. Next we open the image background second, namely the image of fire, then drag to that document.

6. Now remove the box background.. because we only need the fire image. Click add layer mask in layers palette. Brush around the image of fire in black.

How is Inwepo’s friend, it’s clear here, right? Alright, let’s move on to the next step.

7. Now duplicate the fire image that was removed backgroundin a way ALT + Drag to the right.

8. After duplicating, then edit the two fire images by reducing the contrast and color by clicking Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.

9. Now, we come to the last stage, at this last stage it is very easy to do, because it is the same as in the previous stage, which is to open the image and drag to picture background-his.

Open the object image that you have prepared, then drag it to the picture background which you have made.

10. Next drag also the writing of iron man on the poster.

11. And the final result will look like the image below.

That’s all, inwepo friends, hopefully the tutorial for Making Movie Posters Using Adobe Photoshop can be useful for all of you. Good luck. Good Luck guys..