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How to Create Free Hosting on Github Pages

In the previous article, the author has provided a way toupload source code program to Github. Well, for this article the author will invite readers to make website static that can be hosting for free using Github Pages.

Github Pages is a free website hosting service for projects you’re working on. Entire files website will be-hosting on GitHub, meaning to make changes you can do it via github or directly from the desktop via git commands.


Here are the steps in making website hosting static by leveraging Github Pages. Check out the following author’s review:

1. Login to your Github account and go to repository your project. If you followed the previous article, then you can by typing (Change greekhlmi to username your Github account). Then select Settings.

2. Change your Repository name to For example here, the author changes the name repository Becomes

3. Click file table.html then rename filename to index.html. After that press the green button “Commit changes”.

4. Now type the URL or name on your browser. So a page like this will appear:

Now you don’t have to bother anymore to create hosting for projects website which is being worked on. GitHub Pages can be a free solution for those of you who want to build your own site or for those of you who want to experiment with static sites and also get other benefits from using Git as a platform. version control for your site.

If you don’t want source code your site can be seen by others, you must set repository to private modebut there will be a fee for that because GitHub only provides versions free for projects that are Open Source just.

Good luck, O loyal friends of Inwepo, I hope this tutorial on making a static website can be useful for all readers. Oh yes, for your info Come on, in the near future Inwepo will hold a workshop to build a websites. The good news is, loyal Inwepo readers can join this workshop for free! Wow, when will you try to meet the author at the event. So, prepare yourself!