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How to Create a Face Typography in Photoshop

In this tutorial, the author will explain in full how to make typography face with photoshop.

Typographythe art of printing or lettering is an art and technique of selecting and arranging letters by arranging their distribution in the available space, to create a certain impression.

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Alright, let’s just start discussing how to make typography face in photoshop.

Ingredients :

1. Photo close up face (it is recommended to use high-quality photos, in order to get maximum results and the photos will not break).


1. In the first step we first open the photo close up which will be made typography in photoshop by clicking the menu files > open, then we lose mode lock on layers the photo by right-clicking on layers photo then select layer from background and click OK, or you can also double-click on the layers photo then click OK.

2. In this second step we will add text to the photo that will be used typography. For the text add the text as we wish. Because in this article the author uses a photo of Steve Jobs, the author uses his name as the text to be added.

Add text by clicking Horizontal Type Tool (T)then create a text box according to the size of the photo.

After the text box is created, then we type the text. Here the author uses the type font (Impact)and 14 pt for text size.

Then copy and paste the text until it fills the text box that we have created.

3. Next change the position layers photo and layers text, how to click and hold on layers text then move layers text below layers Photo.

After that make layers new below layers the text earlier and fill with black. How to make layers new by click on icon create a new layer.

While the way fill layers that we click on icon Paint Bucket Tool, then just click on the photo, it’s automatic layers it will be black.

4. This step is the last step, where we will use the function Clipping mask by clicking on layers photo then right click on layers it and select Create Clipping Mask.

After making clipping mask we will see the image as following the shape of the text, in coreldraw this function is called powerclipwhich is a function that makes an object enter into another object.

And finally typography Steve Jobs’ face is finished.

That’s how the tutorial makes Typography Face in Photoshop. Hopefully this tutorial is useful and adds insight to all of us in using the Photoshop application.

Never stop learning and never satisfied with the capabilities that we have.