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How to Create a Circle Image View in Android Studio

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems today. Android is not only used in smartphone, but other devices also use Android. For example, TV, TV currently uses the Android operating system.

This makes Android a promising opportunity. This tutorial will discuss how to make circle image viewthis feature makes the image into a circle and makes your application look more attractive.

Below is an example circle image view.

Video Tutorials


1. Go to site github

On the web, you will download library for circle image viewthis is because Android studio does not provide features circle image view.

2. Click button Clone or download and select download zip. Wait until the process download finished

3. Extract zip file what you have download in the previous step.

4. Copy the CircleImageView folder folder which was extracted in the previous step.

5. Open Android studio you and change android tab to project.

6. Paste folder in project / app / build / libs. Right click on libs folder and select paste.

7. Here you can change the name of the folder. If so, click the button ok.

8. Contents of the folder circleimageview successful in copy.

9. right click on gradle wrapper.jar and select add as library.

10. Will appear pop-upclick button ok. Wait until the process is complete

11. Open the gradle build file(module: app) in the app/gradle Scripts folder

12. Add the code below in the dependencies section.

Compile ‘de.hdodenhof:circleimageview:2.2.0’

You can also get the code on the web page in step 1.

13. Click the sync now link to sync gradle. And wait until the process is complete.

14. Open the activity_main.xml file for application circle image view.

Write the code below for deployment:

in the android:src section mask the image location.

15. To insert image in android studio, image copy that you have prepared and paste it in the app/res/drawable folder

16. Below is the final result when the application is run.

Finished. There are many library circle image view apart from the web above, you can search and study it more deeply.