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How to Clear Browsing History in Opera Mini

Every browser must have features history or cacheusually after you do browsing to open the site address will later be seen traces of the search.

The more often you open sites, the names and links will be visible in the url column when you want browsing return.

The negative impact is that if smartphone you are being borrowed by someone else or you are doing a screen recording when you open the browser it will be visible history site name and address.

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So it’s a good idea every time we do a site search that is private, we recommend that after it’s finished we have to clean it up so that friends or other people can’t find out about our browsing activities. Besides that history or cache search will also eat smartphone memory you.

Here’s how to clear browsing data on the Opera Mini Browser:

1. Tap menu Opera icon in the right corner bring – tap gear icon (Settings).

2. Next select menu Clear browsing data…

3. Next tick all “clear cookies and data“, “Delete surfing history“, and “Delete saved passwords“.

If you don’t want to lose information login and password on certain sites that you have kept don’t tickDelete saved passwords“. Function of storing information login site in the browser, namely to make logging in more easily without the need to enter information username and password again.

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