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How to Change Windows Server 2012 Admin Password

Replace password routinely and periodically is one way of anticipating so that our accounts are not compromised by the hands of irresponsible and irresponsible people. Not only replace password login admin operating system that is connected to the internet but if you have a hosting account, social media and so on that you think are very important there may be photos or personal information if one of your friends knows password it’s good you have to replace it regularly.

For this time the author wants to share a tutorial on how to change password admin windows server, actually this method is not much different from how to replace password on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Here are the steps:

1. Open Server Managercan use features search then type Server Manager.

2. Then select menu Tools – Computer Management.

3. Log in to Local Users and Groupsselect Users and right click Administrator select Set Password.

4. Then there will be a notification pop-up Set Password for Administrator. then select button Proceed.

5. The last step is to fill in the fields New password and Confirm password.

Then OK. Finished.