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How to Change Face With Face Swap on Snapchat

Face Swap is one of the features of the Snapchat application that can change your face into someone else’s character, such as being funny, scary, handsome or beautiful, you can even use your friends’ faces. As a result, you can save the video recording in your gallery to share with other social media applications.

Application chat this one is very different from the application chat another. Snapchat has its own uniqueness where the application combines features chat with photo editing features. So don’t be surprised if this Snapchat application is quite popular or popular among young people.

Well, for those of you who are curious to try using this face swap feature, see how to use the Face Swap feature in SnapChat below:

The first stepmake sure you have have the Snapchat app if you can’t download it first on the Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iPhone users.

Download Snapchat Android App

Download SnapChat iOS iPhone App

Second stepopen the Snapchat application, register first for those who don’t have an account or those who already have one can go directly login using each other’s e-mail. Next tap on smiley icon for activate photo effect the one on Snapchat.

Third stepswipe the photo effect until you find the effect face swap usually in the last.

Fourth stepyou can first download the photo of the artist’s face or anyone after it is saved in the photo gallery it will immediately sync with the Snapchat application. Tap on the face that you want to use later the results are more or less like the following:

Fifth stepwhen it fits tap on button shutter the one in the middle then tap icon download or save to save it.

Done, That’s how to use the Face Swap feature in Snapchat to change your face into the face of the person you want.