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How to Change the Custom Chat Wheel in Dota 2

In dota 2 there is a feature called chat wheel. Its function is to chat but like a shortcut key. Usually used to ask for help and provide reports to other team members.

In asking for help and doing report, of course it must be done in a fast time, it is not possible to have to write on the keyboard. Just press one button, then you can ask for help etc. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to change the contents of the chat wheel so that you can use it as needed.

Video Tutorials


1. Open dota 2 You are from Steam.

2. When you have entered the Dota home page, click the image gear in the upper left corner. It’s a button for settings.

3. A new settings window will appear. Click image wheel at the bottom of the settings window (custom chat wheel).

4. Here will be displayed the contents of chat wheel which you can use during the match. The image below shows default from chat wheel. To replace the contents, select the one to replace.

5. Then the chat you selected and the box on the right will turn blue. In that box you can select a chat to replace the previous chat. Choose one of the chats that you need.

6. When it’s finished. Click button return to hotkeys.

7. There is one more feature named phrases. The function is the same as chat wheels, but the difference lies in how they are used. To use chat wheel you have to press hotkeys chat wheel and hover over the desired chat. Whereas phrases just press a button and the chat will immediately come out

8. Choose a chat which you will arrange the hotkey.

9. When the box has turned blue, press the button on keyboard which you will use as hotkey from chat that you selected earlier.

10. When finished, click the button return to hotkeys.

Finished. In this way, you will chat faster to provide instructions or assistance without the need to type manually.