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How to Change Application Launcher Icon in Android Studio

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems today. With the development of Android, there are many developer android application that started to pursue this field. When you create an android application in android studio, then default icon the app is icon android. But you can also replace icon application by following the following tutorial.

Below is a picture icon application default if not you change.

Video Tutorials:

1. Prepare pictures which you will use as icon.

2. Copy the image which you have prepared beforehand.

3. Open android studio you and paste the image in the app/res/mipmap folder.

4. Will appear pop-up to select a folder location. Just click the button ok.

5. On pop-up Next, you can change the name of the image, so it can be easier to use. Press the button ok.

6. Here it can be seen that the image has successfully entered the mipmap folder.

7. To replace launcher icon application with the image that you have prepared earlier, open app/manifest/AndroidManifest.xml

8. In part 2, the code is used to set launcher icon And in part 3, set launcher icon circle.

Change code number 2 Becomes


Enter the name of the image according to the name of the image that was prepared in the previous step.



Then in part 3 replaced Becomes




9. After trying, it turns out launcher icon of the application has been successfully changed according to the image that has been prepared.

Finished. It is hoped that this tutorial can help the developer early to make the application more attractive.