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How to Change Accounts Without having to be Level 8 in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the games MOBA is the most played by users in Indonesia. Usually when creating a new account before reaching level 8 we can change accounts.

If you have to wait until level 8 it will take several hours to reach that level, Usually users smartphone who frequently reset HP, reinstall HP, or install/uninstall games Mobile Legends like it or not have to do this.

Maybe because many players often create new accounts, whether it’s for trading or trial accounts, Montoon changes the terms and conditions if you want to change a new account.

Or maybe to make it easier for the user when it’s finished reset or install reset their cellphones so they don’t create new accounts and don’t waste time following the initial tutorial guide on how to play Mobile Legends, then create a direct login feature when you want to create a new character.

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Here’s how to change accounts without having to be level 8 in the Mobile Legends game:

1. If you have already logged in and created a new character, you must delete the data (clear data) again on games Mobile Legends.

2. Open the app Settings (Settings) – Installing applications/Apps – select Mobile Legends.

3. Select Clear Data and Clear Cache.

4. If you have deleted the data and cachenow reopen games Mobile Legends, on display”Create Character“, do not create an account but select “Direct Login“.

If you have chosen Direct Login then you will be asked to log in using your Google or Facebook account again. Done, congratulations you can change your account again without waiting for level 8.