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How to Add Cute Anime Characters on Android Screen

Maybe almost all users smartphone in various corners of the world can not be separated from the process download or download. It’s an activity download whether it’s an application, song or video, you can say it’s quite fun for some people.

Talking about download application, application is one thing that is very important and must be in every application smartphone Android. Android itself is well known as an OS with its ease of customization. Therefore, it is very easy for us to change the appearance or what is inside smartphone only armed with the application that download free or paid on the Play Store.

Well, still talking about download this time the author’s application wants to share how to add cute mini characters to the screen smartphone Android you have. Yes, of course this is very easy because we just need a third-party application that we can use download for free on the Google Play Store. What is the application and how to use it? see the full review below.

Video Tutorials:

1. Download and install application Shimeji on the Play Store.

Download the Shimeji App

2. Next, open the Shimeji application that has been installedinstallthen tap on the button in the top right corner. Then allow draws on top of other applications.

3. tap on plus icon then select Mascotsthere will be various characters that you can use but the ones provided for free are only 2 others you can download first. After that, the character will automatically appear on the screen smartphone.

3. Tap on the menu in the left corner then tap again Settings. Use menu Animation Speed to set the speed of the character you are using. Then the Shimeji Size menu to set the size of your last character tap Apply.

Now when you open any app. The mini characters that you have settings just now going back and forth on the screen smartphone touch screen you. Guaranteed to make you not bored playing smartphone your favorite.