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How to Add Custom Stickers on Google Keyboard

Maybe almost every day, most people today are sure to do the activity of sending messages through the application messenger or chat. Not infrequently in smartphone we have more than one application chat such as Whatsapp, Line, Telegram and so on.

For app users chat Of course, you are no stranger to emoji stickers. Yes, emoji stickers are very useful to use when we reply to messages chat when we can not use words or lazy to type.

Well, usually emoji stickers vary from one application to another. We cannot use stickers in application A on application B or vice versa. But due to increasingly sophisticated technology, we can now add our own various emoji stickers that are connected to the application keyboard default like Google Keyboard.

We can edit the face, hair, eyes, and clothes according to our taste and of course without needing access root. Then how to create and connect it to Google Keyboard? Check out the complete method below.

Watch the Video Tutorial!

The first stepmake sure to install the Bitmoji app first, please download on the Play Store.

Download the Bitmoji App

Second stepafter installed open the Bitmoji application, then login using a Snapchat account or you can also use an email account. Next, if you have entered tap on icon the person at the top.

Third step, you can directly use the menu below to edit the face to clothes. You can also take a selfie first by selecting /tap the camera icon to better match your own face. If you have swiped the bottom menu to the left until you find a check mark then select Save Avatar.

Fourth steptry to open the app chat whatever, in this tutorial try to use the WhatsApp application. Then activate the keyboard like when you want to write a message and tap on icon smiley next to the space key. Swipe left until you find icon Bitmoji and try choose a sticker then send it to a friend or anyone.

That’s how to add custom stickers on Google Keyboard, you can use these stickers to chat to the application messengersuch as LINE, WhatsApp, BBM and other chat applications.