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Guide to Playing Steffie Free Fire, Artists with Cool Support Skills

The Free Fire game offers a choice of unique characters with various backgrounds and abilities. Steffie Fre Fire is one of them, who is none other than a beautiful street artist. His appearance did look ordinary. However, Steffie’s artistic soul can save you from enemy attacks.

About Steffie Free Fire

personagem steffie free fire
  • Name : Steffie
  • Age : 23 years old
  • Birthday : May 28
  • Female gender

Personagem Steffie as a free fire female character looks very striking with a beautiful appearance stylish. His unique appearance is in accordance with Steffie’s profession, which is an artist. In addition, he also has a characteristic in his attitude that likes freedom. At the same time, Steffie is a woman who likes to play pranks and is stubborn.

Steffie Free Fire skills in the world of art has been seen since childhood. However, his artistic talent did not develop well due to the unfavorable living situation. Steffie grew up in a country prone to war. As a result, Steffie is more used to violent situations.

Even though the war was over, the environmental conditions in which he lived were deteriorating. Every day, he has to deal with the horrors exhibited by the organization called Future Horizons. This organization has a goal of hunting down artists and considers them an important activity to achieve a “better future”.

Steffie, who has grown into a beautiful woman, is disturbed by Future Horizons’ artist hunting activities. He also showed a rebellious attitude through various graffiti he made at various points as an effort to voice freedom. Furthermore, Steffie chose to join as part of the Cibernetica group and was a member of non-hacker first.

Skills Steffie FF

steffie free fire ability

Like other characters in Free Fire, Steffie has special abilities. Because he has an artist background, skills especially also has a close relationship with the art world, known as grafiti’s blessing. Skills This is actively done by Steffie by making graffiti.

The graffiti created by Steffie is no ordinary graffiti. However, the graffiti was able to reduce damage due to explosions and gunfire for several seconds. Skills this has cooldown for 45 seconds. As the character level increases, Steffie Free Fire abilities will continue to increase. There are 6 levels of Steffie’s special abilities, namely:

Level 1

At a basic level, Steffie’s graffiti-making ability can reduce damage the result of explosion by 15% and bullet fire by 5% for 5 seconds. Skills this has cooldown for 45 seconds and the effects don’t accumulate.

Level 2

When Steffie’s character reaches level 2, her special abilities increase. Steffie’s graffiti can reduce damage explosions and bullets by 17% and 5%, respectively. Skills it lasts for 5 seconds with cooldown 45 seconds. Effect skills no accumulation.

Level 3

Skills graffiti’s blessing Steffie increases when she reaches level 3. Her graffiti can reduce damage caused by the explosion by 19% and damage bullet damage by 5% for 7 seconds. Cooldown 45 seconds and no effect buildup skills.

Level 4

Steffie Free Fire skills level 4 is able to reduce damage explosion by 21% and damage 5% bullets for a duration of 8 seconds. Cooldown his special ability is 45 seconds and there is no stacking of effects skills.

Level 5

When Steffie Free Fire’s personage reaches level 6, her special ability goes up to level 5. Reduction damage bullets remain at 5%, meanwhile reduction damage explosion increased to 23%. Effect skills lasts for 9 seconds and can be activated again after a 45 second pause. No stacking effect skills.

Level 6

Steffie Free Fire tiers abilities the highest is level 6, you can get it when the character reaches level 8. At this level, reduction damage due to explosion reduced by 25% and damage bullets reduced by 5% for a duration of 10 seconds. Cooldown skills is 45 seconds and no effect buildup skills.

Combination Skills Steffie

steffie free fire skills

To maximize the special ability in the form of reduction damage With that, you can do a Steffie Free Fire combination abilities with other characters. There are 5 recommended FF characters that have a high compatibility with skills Steffie, namely:

#1. Andrew

Andrew’s special ability to reduce damage will increase even more when paired with Steffie. The combination of the two can make Andrew more OP and have a strong defense.

#2. DJ Alok

Steffie Free Fire Combination skills with DJ Alok will also be very useful for the whole team. Moreover, both of them have skills which can last for 10 seconds and cooldown 45 seconds. With combination skills these two characters, you not only get a reduction damagebut there is also an effect healing. At the same time, there is also the consideration of counterattacking thanks to the upgrade movement speed.

#3. Kelly

The collaboration between Steffie and Kelly is also very fitting. Kelly has the ability to improve movement speed. With the addition skills from Steffie, you can make moves quickly and at the same time strong defense. This combination is very useful when you want to ambush the enemy or escape from the opponent’s ambush.

#4. Alvaro

Alvaro’s character will also be suitable if paired with Steffie. Skills Alvaro is useful for increasing attack abilities. Meanwhile, Steffie Free Fire abilities can increase defense. You can use these two characters to complement each other’s shortcomings.

#5. Clu

The Clu character has the ability to track enemy locations. This ability is very suitable for use with the style of play rush. As is skills Steffie, you can increase your defensive power so you can ambush the enemy successfully.

Well, that’s the complete guide on Steffie Free Fire abilities. If you can use it well, Steffie can be one of them rusher best and give a lot kill. Hopefully useful, yes.