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Guide to Choosing the Best COD Mobile Weapons

Played first person shooter games (FPS) is fun. Especially, if you play it with friends. Choice games that you can play a variety of, including Call of Duty (COD) Mobile which can be played on Android devices. In order to win the battle, you also need to choose the right COD Mobile weapon according to the game character.

You can’t immediately choose the sickest COD Mobile weapon and expect to be able to defeat a lot of enemies. When choosing a weapon, you should pay attention to its characteristics. Moreover, each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to maximize the advantages of these weapons in order to kill many opponents.

Tier Call of Duty Mobile Weapons

best mobile cod guns

Regarding the selection of the best weapons in COD Mobile Battle Royale, you need to know that games it implements the system tier weapon. There are 5 groupings of weapons based on their abilities in COD Mobile, namely:

#1. Tier S

The first group is weapons tier S. The list of weapons belonging to this group is known as weapons lethal COD Mobile. With this weapon, you can also give damage great to the enemy.

#2. Tier A

List of available COD Mobile weapons on tier A does generally have a worse performance than tier S. Even so, weapons in this category you can rely on to defeat many enemies if used properly.

#3. Tier B

You won’t find COD Mobile’s best weapons in the weapon group tier B. On the other hand, weapons tier B has mediocre performance.

#4. Tier C

If you want to win the battle, you need to avoid using weapons tier C. Weapons in this group have a performance that will make you defeat the enemy.

#5. Tier D

List of available COD Mobile weapons on tier B is the worst weapon group in the game.

Best Weapon Recommendation in COD Mobile Game

list of weapons for cod mobile

By considering tier the sickest COD Mobile weapon, you can choose the type of rifle according to the characteristics of each play. To help you find the most suitable weapon, here is a list of the best weapons of each type that you can find in COD Mobile:

#1. Sniper

Sniper is a mainstay when you want to paralyze an enemy from a great distance. This long-barreled rifle has damage which is very large, allowing you to defeat the enemy with just one shot. Compared to other types of rifles, sniper have a much higher level of accuracy.

The main choice of the sickest COD Mobile weapon for the category sniper is Locus (tier S). Taking into account the specifications, Locus clearly has an advantage over sniper other reliable in COD Mobile, like DL Q33 or Outlaw. Not only have damage bigger, Locus also has fire rate which is better than the two sniper the.

#2. Light Machine Gun

Choice shotgun the best you can find on COD Mobile is KRM-262. With damage reach 98 points, no wonder it’s called as one of the weapons lethal COD Mobile. In addition, KRM-262 also has fire rate which is quite good and can also be used to shoot enemies at medium range.

Choice light machine gun The best in COD Mobile is Chopper. Weapons included in tier This S offers fire rate accompanying height damage large enough. In addition, you can also use it to shoot at long or short distances.

#3. Assault Rifle

Assault rifles (AR) or assault rifles are often the favorite weapon of paratroopers gamer while playing games FPS. This weapon has the ability to shoot which is quite painful and is light enough to make it easier to move. In addition, its use is also flexible, it can be used at a distance or at close range.

The best AR weapon selection that you can find in COD Mobile is the HKV-30 (tier S). This weapon has damage high, capable of firing bullets quickly, and high accuracy. You can also pair it with some attachments COD Mobile weapons such as MIP Light, MIP Strike Stock, Large Caliber Ammo, OWC Laser – Tactical, or Rubberized Grip Tape.

Not only does it offer reliable performance, you can also get the HKV-30 with skin which is interesting. HKV-30 Maximum Security is a weapon legendary COD Mobile that looks cool and deadly. In addition, there are also other HKV-30 skins such as HVK-30 Pseudoscience which is an epic weapon, HVK-30 Chrome Wave, HVK-30 Isometric, HVK-30 Eruption, and HVK-30 Corroded.

#4. Submachine Gun (SMG)

You can also choose to arm yourself with SMGs during combat in COD Mobile. This weapon has a characteristic with its shape which is quite small and has a firing rate very high. The ability to fire bullets quickly will be very useful when you do battle at close range.

COD Mobile provides a fairly varied selection of SMG-type weapons. Of the many options, you can prioritize the use of Fennec (tier S). This weapon is included as one of the best COD Mobile weapons with a combination damage 38 points and fire rate 111. With such abilities, you can be invincible in close combat.

#5. Shotgun

Shotgun is the type of weapon most disliked by the gamer FPS. Therefore, it is quite rare gamer who use this weapon in battle. Even so, that does not mean this weapon can not be underestimated. If used at close range, shotgun is a weapon that can give damage very high.

Choice shotgun the best you can find on COD Mobile is KRM-262 (tier S). With damage reach 98 points, no wonder it’s called as one of the weapons lethal COD Mobile. In addition, KRM-262 also has fire rate which is quite good and can also be used to shoot enemies at medium range.

Well, that’s a complete guide to choosing the best COD Mobile Battle Royale weapon. Through the use of the right weapons, you can become a champion in every battle. Hopefully useful, yes. UniPin Blog