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Grock Mobile Legend, Giant Guardian of the Land of Dawn with Skill Ancestral Gift

Presented in 2022, Grock Mobile Legend often relied on gamer. Because, the hero has the ability Ancestral Gift that can increase movement speed. Hero tank can also destroy enemy formations with damage tall.

Not only that, Grock, nicknamed “The Fortress Titan” is able to create a large wall to block the enemy. The wall was made with skills Owned Guardian’s Barrier hero.

Besides skills In addition, Grock is also equipped with other abilities that are no less great. In fact, the hero becomes stronger when combined with items certain. Want to know? Read on for this review, come on!

History of Grock Mobile Legend 2022

rock mobile legends

Once upon a time, on a mountain located in the Land of Dawn, there was an ancient fortress without an owner. According to the myth, the fort was once inhabited by descendants of the Legend Race who were older than the earth.

That said, the Legendary Race has similarities with nature and is able to establish communication with the Stones. Its large body shape resembles a hardened stone. Because of this, they are resistant to physical attacks.

The Legend Race had a habit of sleeping for more than half a year. However, they find it difficult to fall back asleep when they wake up.

One of the awakened Legendary Race members was Grock. At that time, he was alone. The reason is, the guard of the fort has long disappeared. This prompts Grock to look for the whereabouts of the guard. He also traveled in the Land of Dawn in an effort to return the castle to its owner.

Grock Mobile Legend Items

grock mobile legends build

There are many Mobile Legends build items which you can use. However, not all of them match the hero. As a guide, here are eight items best for Grock.

Demon’s Advent

Demon’s Advent is Grock’s weapon to deal with enemies in the late game. When entering this round, many enemies deal high damage. As a result, Grock had to issue items Demon’s that can reduce 18% attack power enemy in 2 seconds.

Demon’s Advent items also help Grock last longer when war. Because, the hero get 920 health points (HP) and 30 HP regen.

Warrior Boots

Physical armor needed to withstand enemy attacks in early game. For Grock to have it, you have to pair it with Warrior Boots. Besides that, items Warriors can also add movement speed heroes.


Defense Magic can be obtained from Oracle items. Character hero you will get an additional +850 HP, +10% Cooldown Reduction, and +42 Magical Defense. So, defense hero stay strong until late game.

Blade Armor

Grock, who is often in the vanguard, is vulnerable to enemy blows. Therefore, he needed Blade Armor to restore 25% damage towards the attacker.

Bloodthirsty King

Even though it only gives 1,550 HP, gear This is able to activate Bloodlust to regenerate as much as 20% of the maximum HP. Besides, the issued Bloodlust has time cooldown for 10 seconds. Of course, with advantages items With that, Grock can carry out his duties as initiator.


Immortality gives the hero character a chance to live by adding +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense. You can also do resurrect for two seconds after being destroyed by the enemy. After that, the hero gains 15% HP capable of absorbing 300—1,000 damage.


Thunder Belt increases +800 HP, +10% Cooldown Reduction, +6 Mana Regen, and +40 Physical Defense. This item also provides passive Basic Attack abilities to increase true damage up to 2%.

When applied, the Thunder Belt can slow down nearby enemies hero in 1.5 seconds. This item also has an effect cooldown for 1.5 seconds.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice serves to add Mana Regen according to Grock’s needs. Normally, Mana Regen is used on mid game. Besides, the Artic Cloud on items synergize with the Power of Nature. So, Grock can take advantage of the opportunity to attack when the enemy gets a slow effect.

Skills Hero Grock

grock mobile legends guide

Without being provided itemsGrock has skills extraordinary. If you want to win the battle, four skills this is what you should play.

Ancestral Gift-Skills Passive

Skills works when Grock is close to turret or wall. This ability enhances movement speed up to 10%. In fact, the skill gives 15% Physical Defense and Magic effects. As a complement, hero get 15 HP Regen(+8*Hero Level).

Power of Nature

Sweep The closest enemy is done by Grock by taking up the Power of Nature weapon. the effect, hero deals 300(+120% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage. Because of that, it was able to give effect slow up to 40% for 2 seconds.

Guardian’s Barrier

In addition to making Grock able to build walls, Guardian’s Barrier also activates Shockwave on target. The basic status given is 300 (+50% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage. That way, Shockwave becomes a stone wall that is able to dispel opponents for five seconds.

Wild Charge

Wild Charge adds 300(+50% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies. If you hit a wall, physical damageit reaches 600(+150% Total Physical ATK). Meanwhile, cooldown skills this is reduced by 30%.

Strengths and weaknesses Hero Grock

rock mobile legends 2020

Grock has more advantages over hero initiator other. Here are some of the advantages of Grock.

  • Damage big even though new to early game.
  • Have CC immunity.
  • Strength increases if it is on the side of the wall or turret.
  • Effectively dispels enemies from entering or escaping.
  • Hero initiator the best with a big target that is able to attract attention.

In addition to the advantages, Grock also has weaknesses to watch out for. If you are careless, the weaknesses below can kill the hero.

  • You must know Grock Mobile Legend guide so you can play hero this well. If not, hero easy to eliminate enemies in early game.
  • Including Fast End Heroes who have where consume
  • Become weak if you are far from turret or wall.
  • Grock doesn’t have skills to run away.

That’s a brief review about hero Grock. If you want to buy hero skins this is cheap, make sure to listen Grock Mobile Legend promo. Usually, skin promo sold via site payment gateway nor marketplace.