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Get to know Claude Mobile Legend and how to use it

Hero marksman which was officially released on the server on August 7, 2022 ago, from the start it had various interesting things. Not only from the background story of the hero, skillset Claude Mobile Legend also make it a mainstay of many user. Who exactly is Claude dan skillset what can you use if you fight using Claude’s hero?

Get to know Hero Claude Mobile Legend

Claude Mobile Legends Story

Claude is one of the heroes who became a legend in the Land of Dawn. Having a slick fighting ability, Claude is also known to be good at stealing. For userher, Claude is ready to give damage awesome by using skillset-his. Thanks to that ability, he’s back into META in 2022.

Claude specializes in Reap/Burst Damage. Two skills his mainstay is the ability to move places through changing positions with Dexter, his pet. Skills This pain is what often makes the hero hit banned when draft pick in rank mode. However, it all comes back to the user. Because if you choose wrong Claude Mobile Legend buildthe ability of the hero will not be that scary.

Know Claude Mobile Legend Skills

Claude Mobile Legend Skills
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In order to make it easier for you to fight, take a look first skills what the following hero has!

Passive Skill

Claude has passive skills which are called battle side by side. With the help of Dexter who is his partner, Claude will be assisted in eliminating the enemy. The pet can take up 35% basic damage belongs to Claude and other properties he owns.

Art of Thievery (Skills 1)

This is skills which you must make good use of. To produce physical damage big one, Claude will take movement speed at a time attack speed belongs to the enemy. This will make it easier for Claude to knock out his opponent.

Battle Mirror Image (Skills 2)

Through the device made by Dr. Rooney, Claude has duplicating abilities. He can double Dexter at a certain location to then do an automatic attack in 5 seconds. Through this duplicate, Claude can also switch positions with Dexter.

Ultimate Skills

Claude has an Ultimate Skill called blazing duet. Together with Dexter, Claude was able to give damage on the opponent in 3 seconds. Keep in mind that all the attacks he does with skills this includes as basic attack.

at a glance, skills This Claude is very similar to Hayabusa’s Quad Shadow. Use skills Shadows will skillfully make you more pro in fighting. Keep in mind that skills this doesn’t happen if you get hit stun or root.

Choose Claude Mobile Legend Best Build

Claude Mobile Legends Build

Apart from recognizing skillsetnya, you also have to choose Claude Mobile Legend best build. Some recommendations build pain that you can try include:

Magic Shoes. You must buy this item the first time. With this item you will get an additional 10% cooldown reduction at the same time as many speed-boosting attributes as 40.

Raptor Machete. This item will provide additional basic attack at once 50 true damage. Claude will also be easier farming at the same time add physical attack and physical penetration.

Demon Hunter Sword. With this item, you can steal 9% of your opponent’s remaining HP. There are still more physical attack and attack speed using the Demon Hunter Sword.

Battle Spell Claude Mobile Legend

For battle spells, most of Claude’s users use Aegis. But over time, battle spells others such as Retribution and Execute are also widely used. As for the choice of emblem, take advantage of the Custom Assassin Emblem. select talent Custom Marksman Emblem or Bounty Hunter.

How and Tips for Playing Claude Mobile Legend

mobile legends claude skin

Like most marksman heroes, Claude also tends to be weak at early game. To make it easier farmingseek help tanker. Entering level 4, do roaming to all lane. So that the attack on the enemy is maximized, use the technique ambush ganking (stealth attack). Next, paralyze the enemy through a combination of attacks skills 1 and ultimate skills.

There are several other tips that you can also use to fight using Claude, namely:

Combining Assassin’s Emblem with Retribution Spell

So that you are more shrewd when farming in early gameyou can combine Assassin (talent Bounty Hunter) with Retribution (battle spells). The condition is that you must kill first. Past talent Bounty Hunter, you will get additional gold when kill. That way, the more other items you can buy later. Try to buy core items one of them was the Demon Hunter Sword.

Take advantage of the Demon Hunter Sword

After successfully purchasing DHS items, you can attack more aggressively because damage big that it produces. Next, match the item with the Golden Staff so that damageit’s getting bigger.

Maximize Skills 1 Claude

When fighting with Claude, you must have at least 10 stack from skills 1 the hero (Art of Thievery). That way, your attack ability and movement speed will be higher and agile. Make sure you already have 10 stack this before joining team fight.

Use Claude’s Best Mobility Abilities

When you have managed to collect a lot of gold in early gameno need to worry to enter team fight. If you don’t want to join in team fighttake the time to farming so that your gold more and more.

By using combination skills 2 and ultimateYou can also dive to team fight easily. Second skills this can also cause damage outstanding. The effect, the enemy will run away to regenerate HP.

Combine with Other Heroes

Not only fighting alone, Claude can also be combined with Khufra and Kaja. The goal is for you to be able to catch the enemy easily. If combined with Angela’s power, Claude can increase movement speed-his. But you should be careful when you meet these three heroes. Before entering into a team fight, make sure you see them using skills CC first.

That’s complete information about Claude Mobile Legend as well as tips on using it in battle. Good luck!