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Get acquainted with Masha Mobile Legends the Bear Man

Have you ever heard of children’s films? Masha and the Bear? This Masha is different even though they are both related to bears! Masha Mobile Legends is one of the hero type Fighter whose power is extraordinary. Physical strength as well damage the results made Masha famous as a fighter overpowering. However, that does not mean you can play it carelessly.

Masha has unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages that you must know in order to excel when using it. This guide will help you play Masha the Bear Woman to the fullest.

Get acquainted with Masha

masha mobile legends story

Why did Masha get the power of a bear?

according to Masha Mobile Legends story, this figure was originally a fighter from Nost Gal whose people are the mortal enemies of the magical bear nation. Masha’s ability to talk to bears makes her the arbiter of conflict between the two tribes. However, the Nost Gals then slaughtered the bears for wanting to master their power.

Torn between compassion for the bear nation and loyalty to her people, Masha welcomes the Bear King’s challenge (Bear King) who wants to use his magic on Masha’s people. He also managed to defeat the Bear King, restore peace, and get the magic power of the bears in return.

gathering Build Items Masha

masha mobile legends build

Masha Mobile Legends build items designed to improve damage and ability delay in addition to his attacks. Items Masha also increases her defense factor as well as her passive skill. Here are some must-have items for this bear fighter:

1. Warrior Boots

In the early stages of the fight, Warrior Boots add points Defense and Movement, by +20 and +40 points respectively. Masha will also get extra points for Defense when receiving a barrage of attacks.

2. Corrosion Scythe

Corrosion Scythe is a sharp weapon in the form of a curved dagger that increases Masha’s attack points and movement speed. Attack speed increases by 25 percent while physical attack increases by +50 points. Plus, if you manage to hit the enemy with this weapon in basic attacks, You can slow down enemies and increase your own speed.

3. Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword is a sword accented with sharp thorns that enhances the effect Lifesteal, namely Masha’s ability to take the lives of her enemies. Masha will also get an additional +35 points Physical Attack as well as 25 percent extra attack speed.

4. Wings of Apocalypse Queen

This is possible items most mighty in for Masha. In addition to passive skills to reduce the effect of attacks and add 1,000 HP points, Masha gets increased points for physical attacks as well as reduced time cooldown skills up to 10 percent.

5. Blade of Despair

Want to see Masha destroy type players Tank? The giant sword named Blade of Despair can be an option. In addition to getting an additional +170 attack points, Masha can also increase the attack effect by up to 25 percent if your opponent only has HP below 50 percent, even though this only lasts for a few seconds.

6. Athena Shield

Athena Shield is a great defense tool. Once attached, Masha is ready to absorb damage from major attacks if she uses this shield. Athena Shield also adds Masha’s life points to +500 HP> and an additional 20 HP for regeneration.

In addition to all these tools, there is also Masha Mobile Legends skin which creates a variety of attractive looks for your fighter, including skin seasonally appropriate.

Masha’s Strengths and Weaknesses

masha mobile legends skills

Just like any other fighter, Masha has advantages and disadvantages. Come on, see one by one.


  • Level damage cquite large, suitable for destroying many opponents even at the beginning of the game
  • Masha can easily destroy turret dand reduce the risk to the team
  • Can charge his own HP without returning to base
  • Have a pretty fast movement


  • Short attack range, only good for short range one-on-one combat
  • Can be stopped by a ranged attack specialist character, for example Mage
  • Masha doesn’t have immunity to deal with the effects crowd control so it will lose to the fighter who has it (example: Akai, Minotaur)
  • Although powerful, Masha’s weakness makes it less practical to fight in a team

Masha is also often complained of as a fighter who is too strong. This bear woman is often deliberately removed so as not to turn into an overly strong fighter.

The Right Way to Play Hero Masha

masha mobile legends guide

Want to know Masha Mobile Legends guide for a successful fight? Here are some playing tips that you can follow.

1. Wear Ultimate Skill at the end

ultimate skill Masha, especially powerful attacks like thunderclap, will result in Masha’s energy depletion quickly. Use this skill only if you are very desperate and already at the end of the game. Make sure there are players standing guard around to protect her while Masha is trying to recover.

2. Increase the Ability of the Protective Shirt

Shield clothing (body armor) became one of the most important things for Masha. This was because the bear woman did not have armor thick enough to withstand various attacks. As a result, even though bar Masha’s blood indicator is quite long, Masha can quickly bleed out if she is beaten continuously.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Back Off!

Knowing when to back down is the key to successfully playing Masha. This fighter might have a function Life Recovery automatic, but can’t activate it while fighting. So, when the number of Life Recovery seems to be starting to decrease even though the opponent is getting fiercer, back off so that you can recharge your life.

4. Customize Masha with Team Fight Goals

The goals of team fights can be different, and this affects the use of Masha in the team. For example, in certain battles, your team may need aiming and destroying skills turret. You can take down Masha to destroy turret this first before releasing the more powerful fighters in the fight. As a result, you and your team will not be bothered in the final battle.

Masha Mobile Legends is one of the most powerful knights with great strength, but not without weaknesses. Although powerful, Masha requires strategy and unique skills to use it so that it benefits the team.

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