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Genshin Impact Finally Has the First Player to Achieve AR 60

Genshin Impact will be one year old on September 28, but of the millions of players who have participated, there is only one player who has reached the max level in Rank Adventure 60.

As an RPG-based action-adventure game, Genshin Impact carries the concept of slow-paced with regular updates.

To reach Adventure rank 60 itself, hundreds of thousands of EXP are needed from mini-games such as daily commissions, story quests, bossing and also grinding ley-line materials which are limited by the amount of resin.

However, a player who recently shared his video via BiliBili showed that his account had managed to reach the maximum adventure rank of 60.

Genshin Impact Finally Has the First Player to Achieve AR 60

So how did the player reach adventure max so quickly? Of course it takes a lot of time dedication to this game and the possibility of the player top-up for the game refill the resin to be full at all times.

miHoyo itself just added the expansion of max rank adventure to level 60 in patch 1.4 ago. Now, with players who have managed to reach max level, will miHoYo change the Adventure Rank max again above 60? what do you think about yourself? Interested in accelerating the max level up by becoming a P2P?