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Finding Backlinks Using the Footprint Method

Explanation of technique seo footprint is a technique that is defined as footprints. This means that you can do this one technique or we can call it like you are doing Blogwalkingbecause the goal blogwalking is to notify that we have previously visited the website or blog by commenting in the comments column on a site or blog.

Actually there are 2 ways to do this technique but on this occasion I will give a fairly easy way, namely by using search sites foot print that is : linksearching and also Chase The Footprintjust go to the method below

1. Linksearching

the first is the site very suitable because you only write the keywords you need then select the platform you want and choose the type of comment and just search and then just look for the blog or site you want to visit.

the second is the site same as with linksearching we just need to write keywords and the blog we want appears

that’s the tutorial this time, about looking for backlinks with footprint. Remember technique seo footprint aim to find backlinks good one with page rank that’s why this technique is very necessary when we want our site to look positive in the eyes of search engines.