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Facts about Adam Free Fire, One of FF's Worst Characters

Adam Free Fire is one of the worst characters that fans are reluctant to choose gamer. Together with Eve, Adam is a character default which you can play directly when you first install games Free Fire. There is no information about the background of Adam Free Fire from which country or the like.

Adam Free Fire Facts

adam free fire abilities

Compared to other characters, Adam’s background is indeed very mysterious. You will be very difficult if you want to know which country Adam Free Fire is from. Even so, there are three interesting facts that you can know about Adam’s existence in the world of Free Fire, namely:

#1. The world’s first man

In the world of Free Fire, Adam is the world’s first human figure. Because you are the first human, you will not find any info regarding Adam Free Fire from which country, date of birth, or age.

#2. Couple with Eve

Adam is not the only first human in the world of Free Fire. Adam’s existence was created together with his partner, Eve. The creation of both has similarities with the story of Adam and Eve or Adam and Eve in the heavenly religion.

#3. Changed name

If you play games Free Fire currently, you no longer find a character named Adam. The existence of Adam Free Fire has been replaced by another figure named Primis. Although the name is different, Primis apparently has the same ability as Adam.

There is a special reason why Garena as a publisher games Free Fire decided to turn Adam into Primis. The reason is none other than preventive efforts related to religious issues. It is possible that there are parties who feel disturbed by the use of the names Adam and Eve in FF.

Reasons Why Adam Is Disliked Gamers Free Fire

adam free fire from which country

As character defaultAdam is indeed the choice of the gamer beginner in Free Fire. However, along with their experience in playing games In this battle royale, almost all of them will choose to switch to using other characters. This decision is not without reason. There are two main factors that trigger it, namely:

#1. No special abilities

Adam and Eve are two normal characters who can’t be said to have special abilities in games Free Fire. The only advantage they have is the ability to change skin color. You can set the appearance of Adam’s skin to be white, tan, black, yellow, and so on.

Adam Free Fire abilities changing the color of the skin had no effect on his fighting ability. You will not find any physical abilities or special skills added. With this condition, Adam’s ability to change skin color does not have a significant impact in battle.

#2. Much better character choices

When you first start the Free Fire game, you do have a limited choice of characters. You are only faced with the option of using Eve or Adam Free Fire abilities which incidentally is useless in battle. However, the more you play games Free Fire, the choice of characters that can be played also increases.

There are many character options that you can play in Free Fire. You can get these characters for free or buy them using diamonds. In fact, you can also choose to use a character other than Adam from the start of the game. It’s easy, just stay top up use vouchers UniPin just.

How to Play Adam’s Character Like Gamers Professional

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Apart from special abilities that are not very useful in battle, you can still play the Adam Free Fire character. In fact, you can use Adam as an opportunity to practice properly gamer professional. If you are already very good at using Adam, playing other characters is not difficult.

#1. Prioritize mobility

At the beginning of the game, you need to move constantly. To help with mobility, you can use a vehicle. It’s just that, the decision to use a vehicle only needs to be done at the beginning of the game.

At the beginning of the game, the number of players is still very large. Therefore, your movement while riding a vehicle will not attract the attention of the enemy too much. However, it is different when the amount player few survived. The decision to ride a vehicle will be blunder.

#2. Don’t be greedy when loot

Loot it is very important in battle royale game like Free Fire. You can get weapons, ammunition, and various other equipment from loot. Just avoid the habit loot too many. This error is often the trigger for a person player die early.

Instead of taking as many items as possible, set priorities when loot. Choose the loot that you really need. A number of loot important things that you must take include medical equipment, bullets, armorand weapons.

#3. Understand the battlefield

An important factor not to be missed is knowledge of battle maps. You need to know dangerous areas to avoid or places that are suitable for hiding and ambushing enemies, especially since each map in Free Fire has its own characteristics.

#4. Aim with the right target

An equally important tip when playing Adam Free Fire is to aim at the enemy correctly. For this one thing, you have to practice regularly. Do not shoot in a still position. However, make sure that you keep moving while shooting at the enemy.

To help you aim properly, take advantage of red dots. When you take a shot, you will find that there is red dots which appears from time to time. Its presence is an indication that you are aiming at the target correctly.

#5. Consider playing FF on the computer

Free Fire is indeed a games launched on mobile devices. However, you can also play games this on a computer. The trick, you can use an Android emulator application that can be downloaded for free. This method can make it easier for you to move the character and target the enemy accurately.

Well, those are the facts and guidelines that you can use when you want to play using the Adam Free Fire character. Despite being the worst character in games Free Fire, Adam has an important role in the game. You can use it as a training tool so you can play better and not lose to gamer professional.

Hopefully useful and have fun, yeah!