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Examples of IoT Technology Applications

Today many IoT applications are reaching maturity, the most famous of which are the Amazon Echo and Google Home. According to one estimate, there are currently more than 7 Billion IoT devices, including IoT lighting, security cameras, and house and bicycle locks.

As consumer IoT devices become more and more commonplace, indoor mapping and positioning are two of the new applications being tackled. In addition, tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple are all climbing to provide services to the growing IoT industry.

The following is Examples of IoT Technology Applications :

  1. Smart Home

With IoT technology starting to develop, companies are making smart home products to make your life simpler and more convenient. Smart Home has become a revolutionary ladder of success in the residential space and it is predicted that Smart Homes will become as commonplace as smartphones.

The cost of owning a home is the biggest expense in a homeowner’s life. Smart Home products promise to save time, effort and money. With smart home companies such as Nest, Ecobee, Ring and August, to name a few, going into household brands and planning to deliver experiences like never before. This is one of the example application technology IoT best

  1. Gadgets that Can be worn

Wearable products have experienced tremendous demand in the worldwide market. Companies like Google, Samsung have invested heavily in building such devices.

Wearables are installed with sensors and software that collects data and information about the user. This data is then pre-processed to extract important insights about the user.

These devices broadly cover fitness, health and entertainment requirements. The prerequisite of internet of things technology for wearable applications is to be very energy efficient or very low power and small in size.

Some of the top examples of wearable IoT devices are smart watches and smart glasses. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. Car Mutual Connect

Automotive digital technology is focused on optimizing the vehicle’s internal functions. But now, this attention is growing to enhance the in-car experience.

A connected car is a vehicle capable of optimizing the operation, maintenance and comfort of its own passengers by using onboard sensors and internet connectivity.

Most of the major automakers as well as some bold start-ups are working on connected car solutions. Big brands like Tesla, BMW, Apple, Google are working to bring about the next car revolution. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. Industryal Internet

Industrial Internet is a new trend in the industrial sector, also referred to as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It empowers industrial engineering with sensors, software and big data analytics to create brilliant machines.

IIoT is a “beautiful, desirable and investable” asset. The driving philosophy behind IIoT is, smart machines are more accurate and consistent than humans in communicating via data. And, this data can help companies spot inefficiencies and problems more quickly.

IIoT has great potential for quality control and sustainability. Applications for tracking goods, real-time exchange of inventory information between suppliers and retailers and automated deliveries will increase supply chain efficiency. According to GE, increased industrial productivity will generate substantial worldwide profits over the next 15 years. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. Smart City

Smart city is another great application of IoT that arouses curiosity among the world’s population. Smart surveillance, automated transportation, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security, and environmental monitoring are all examples of internet of things applications for smart cities.

IoT will solve the big problems faced by people living in cities such as pollution, traffic jams and lack of energy supply, etc. Products such as mobile communications that enable Smart trash cans will send alerts to city services when the trash can needs to be emptied.

By installing sensors and using a web application, residents can find free parking slots available throughout the city. In addition, the sensors can detect meter fault problems, common malfunctions and any installation problems in the electrical system. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. IoT in agriculture

With the world’s population continuing to increase, the demand for food supplies is greatly increasing. The government helps farmers to use advanced research and techniques to increase food production. Smart agriculture is one of the fastest growing fields in the IoT.

Farmers use data-driven insights to generate a better return on investment. Sensing soil moisture and nutrients, controlling the use of water for plant growth and determining specific fertilizers are some of the simple uses of IoT. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. Smart Retail

The potential of IoT in the retail sector is huge. IoT gives stores the opportunity to connect with customers to enhance the in-store experience.

Smartphones will be a way for stores to stay connected with their consumers even outside of the store. Interacting via Smartphones and using Beacon technology can help sellers better serve consumers. They can also track consumers’ paths through the store and improve store layouts and place premium products in high-traffic areas. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. Energy Engagement

The power grid of the future is not only smart enough but also very reliable. The smart network concept is becoming very popular all over the world.

The basic idea behind smart grids is to automatically collect data and analyze the behavior of electricity consumers and suppliers to increase efficiency and save electricity usage.

Smart Grids will also be able to detect sources of power outages more quickly and at the individual household level such as near solar panels, enabling distributed energy systems. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. IoT in Healthcare

Connected healthcare remains the behemoth of Internet of Things applications. The concept of connected healthcare systems and smart medical devices has enormous potential not only for companies, but also for the well-being of society at large.

Research shows IoT in healthcare is going to be big in the years to come. IoT in healthcare is aimed at empowering people to lead healthier lives using connected devices.

The data collected will assist in a personalized analysis of an individual’s health and provide tailor-made strategies to combat disease. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

  1. IoT in Poultry and Livestock

Livestock monitoring is all about farming and cost savings. By using IoT applications to collect data on livestock health and welfare, farmers who know early about sick animals can attract and help prevent large numbers of sick animals.

With the help of the data collected and farmers can increase poultry production. This is one of the example application technology IoT best.

The future of IoT is more exciting than this where billions of things will talk to each other and there will be less human intervention. IoT will bring about macro changes in the way we live and work.