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Easy Ways to Set Free Fire Sensitivity

If successfully set Free Fire sensitivity well, you will find it easier headshot. This is of course very important because more and more headshot what you get, your chance to Booyah so it’s getting bigger. Besides, everyone has their own set of standards sensitivitywhich is felt to provide comfort when playing games.

Fortunately, Free Fire, which is one of the most popular Battle Royale games today, provides button layout and level settings sensitivity for the gamers. As a result, when players feel they don’t fit settings default game, he could easily replace it. For that, see the following reviews to know the tricks to make settings Free Fire sensitivity auto headshot!

Know the Basic Settings for Free Fire

free fire sensitivity

Before going further about the settings Free Fire sensitivity headshot, it’s good to understand settings the basis of this game. Here are the details.

To ensure comfort while playing, the music setting is enough at number 62.

Due to factor sound will greatly affect gameplaydrag it all the way to 79 to be safe.

Same with sound effect settings, this option is also set to number 79, yes. In addition, we recommend using headset or earphones when playing, to make you more clear when listening to every sound that comes out in the game, be it gunshots, enemy footsteps, or the sound of a car engine.

Next, set the settings Graphics-mu to level Smooth. Thus, the risk lag become smaller, especially for players who use smartphone with 1GB RAM. However, if the specs of your smart device are high, don’t hesitate to use it Standard or even level Ultra which will give the sensation of playing more satisfying.

For language, just adjust it to your preference. If you feel more comfortable using English, select that language in the menu.

Tap settings See Directions on settings minimap. This option will make it easier for players to monitor or see the enemy’s position, which will usually appear in the form of a red mark on the minimap.

Check Settings Control

best free fire sensitivity

After adjusting the settings in the menu Basic Settings, now is the time to check the Control Fire Fire settings. Check the following details to find out the right settings!

We recommend selecting the mode Default. But if you want headshot faster, you can use Control Full. But remember, fashion Control Full very difficult to use. So, FF beginners are recommended to use mode Defaultyes.

Don’t choose an option Alwaysbut tap on fashion When Using the Scope. This means that the Shoot Button on the Left can only be turned on when the player is in mode scope just.

  • Quick Weapon Switch and Quick Reload

Turn off these two features to prevent screen smartphoneYour -mu looks full when the game starts, which is usually due to the amount interface which is too much.

Select settings Normal.

Tap on fashion Default.

Run with mode Classic for a more pleasing appearance to the eye.

Best Custom HUD Settings for Free Fire

free fire headshot sensitivity

Custom HUD settings will certainly greatly affect how quickly and comfortably the player’s fingers move when performing an action. If you want Booyah continue, let’s use the settings below!

  1. First, adjust the button layout so that you are more comfortable when playing later. For example, close the position controller bomb with weapons, or move controller Meditate down to be close health points.
  2. For transparency, we recommend setting it between 25-50% to create balance. This setting allows you to see the buttons clearly and also offers a broad view. The result will be different if you use 100% transparency, which makes the buttons block the view while playing.
  3. Set button size on Custom HD FF in range numbers 35-50. Because if it’s too small, your fingers will easily slip when using the button.

Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

free fire auto headshot sensitivity
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Not only important for a beginner, free fire pro gamers also always manage their game sensitivity carefully. The goal is clearly to give players comfort when aiming at enemies or when using weapons. So so that you can do headshot optimally, follow these guidelines!

Scroll to numbers 30-40 in the Look Around option

When entering the menu Sensitivityset mode Look Around to numbers 30-40. However, you should not be above 50 because you will find it increasingly difficult to see the enemy’s position, due to the narrower visibility.

Swipe to numbers 60-80 for options Red Dot Sight

Next, bring the settings Red Dot Sight to numbers 60-80. That way, you can shoot opponents more easily, especially when you’re not wearing them scope.

Swipe to numbers 60-80 for 2x Scope

If you want to make Free Fire sensitivity Auto Headshotselect 60-80 for option 2x Scope. This setting makes you don’t need high sensitivity when you want to aim at your opponent. Also, the position of distant enemies will feel closer if you apply the settings scope this.

Swipe to numbers 30-40 for 4x Scope

Setting between 30 to 40 is a mode that is widely used by pro Free Fire players. That’s because the setting is quite effective in reducing the risk of a player’s shot straying far from the target.

For the latter option, AWM Scope, just slide it all the way to 0. Related questions scope, this feature has a function that is quite vital in the Free Fire game. That’s because scope serves to allow you to close the distance of the shot or focus the view. For that reason, the use of scope need to be adjusted according to need.

For example, if the enemy is at a fairly close distance from you, there is no need to use scope with level sensitivity too high. Because if you do, your shot will certainly deviate very far from the target.

Those are some tips that you can try to become a hero headshot in the Free Fire game. However, keep in mind that the settings above are not the main benchmark for setting Free Fire sensitivity. Because in the end, you just need to keep practicing to find which settings really suit your playing style.