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Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

Since its launch in 2010, the Instagram application has become like an album containing the journey of its users’ lives. The Instagram application contains photo and video posts that store many important moments and sweet memories of its users.

Recover deleted Instagram posts

Over time, the Instagram application continues to pamper its users with the latest features that are of course useful. One of the useful features that was just released some time ago is the feature of recovering accidentally deleted Instagram posts.

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This feature named recently removed. By taking advantage of this feature, Instagram app users can easily recover Instagram posts that were accidentally deleted.


1. First update the Instagram application to the latest version. After the Instagram application has been successfully updated, just open the Instagram application on your device.

2. Then, if after that any of your posts on Instagram were deleted and you want to recover, the method is very easy. Go to your Instagram account and select Profile.

3. On the Profile page, click the icon three lines which is in the upper right corner to open Account settings. Then select Arrangement or Settings. select Account.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

4. On the Account menu, find and select the feature named Just deleted. In the Recently deleted menu, contains your deleted Instagram posts. Select an Instagram post that you want to recover.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

5. Click the icon three dots in the upper right corner of the Instagram post you want to recover and select healing. Then a popup question will appear: Restore Posts, click healing.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

6. Finally, the Instagram application will send a security code using the phone number or email registered in your Instagram account.

7. Click Next to get the security code via sms or email. After the security code is received, just type the security code into the Instagram form that has been provided, click confirmation.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts

8. Return to your Instagram account profile page, and refresh. Now deleted posts have been successfully recovered. Perform similar steps as above to recover other deleted Instagram posts.

Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram Posts


By using the Recently deleted feature, Instagram app users can now easily recover deleted Instagram posts. But keep in mind that deleted Instagram posts can only be recovered a maximum of 30 days after the post was deleted. If 30 days are passed, the post will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.