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Easy Ways to Farm Masterball PokeStop in Pokemon Go

Surely everyone will be confused if they run out PokeBall, GreatBall, UltraBall, MasterBall, Potion and Revive right? want to go but pokestopit’s all far away, want battle in gym but Potion, Revive and the like run out? To get items This is easily the following solution.

Condition: Windows OS (PC/Laptop)


Info: This tutorial was published since 2022 and until now there has been no latest update. Please check the latest tutorial in the Pokemon GO category

1. Download Masterball v1.1 (only for Pokestop farm)


  • Walking speed and teleport.
  • Automatic unban if you hit soft tires (so take it easy bro!).
  • Automatic restart if error.
  • Username in titles.

2. Extract zip file already in download.

3. Then edit files user.xml with your settings using Notepad / Notepad++

4. Change username yes, if you use it account Google Auth Google if account its PTC so Auth PTC.

5. Change DefaultLatitude and Longtitude yes!

  • Here’s a suitable location for farm PokeStops:
    Central Park Lat 40.771133 long -73.974187
    Tokyo Disneyland Lat 35.635886 long 139.878647
    Sydney Lat -33.868820 long 151.209296

6. Run file Masterball.exe.