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Easy Ways to Check Fasting Schedule, Imsakiyah, Prayer, Prayer, Qibla (Complete)

The month of Ramadan is getting closer and we are only counting the days, the month in which all Muslims carry out fasting, namely holding back hunger and thirst. However, the arrival of the month of Ramadan must be accompanied by an increase in good practices, namely increasing the worship of obligatory prayers, night prayers, sunnah prayers, reading more of the Qur’an, dhikr, paying zakat, maintaining oral speech, and other good practices.

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In this day and age, everything is fully technological and easy, like now most people already have the AL Qur’an application on their cellphone so that it can be easily carried anywhere and easy to read at any time. Besides that, we can already do dhikr easily using the tasbih application on our cellphones, it makes it clearer for us that nowadays to do good deeds is very easy and all of that can be packaged more practically. To make it easier for your good deeds in this month of Ramadan, here are the following: complete Ramadan app to welcome the month of Ramadan on Android and iOS with just 1 application:

1. Install the app Muslim Go free Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) in Play Store nor App Store.

Download Muslim GO Android

Download Muslim GO iOS

2. Then make sure you are logged in to the Muslim GO application, then open it Settings in the lower right corner – Quran Settingsthen select the language that is Indonesian/english.


1. Prayer Schedule, Iftar and Imsakiyah (Prayer Time)

To be able to access this feature, you must firstsettings location where you are. This is because it will affect the time of prayer and imsak which is different in each region. Besides that, you can also turn on the sound of the Adhan when the prayer comes, so that you God willing, your worship can be on time.

2. Kiblat

The Qibla direction feature will be determined automatically based on where you are at that time and will always change according to the position of your existence. As we know that the qibla of Muslims leads to the Kaaba.

3. Al Qur’an

The AL Qur’an feature in the Muslim GO application has Indonesian and English translations, besides that it is equipped with audio voice to make it easier for us to read the Qur’an and audio will run automatically. The background can also be changed according to taste, such as plain motifs or patterned motifs.

4. Reading the Intention of Compulsory Prayers/Sunnah (Prayer)

This feature provides a collection of reading intentions for obligatory prayers and sunnah prayers, all packaged in one and the availability of translations in Indonesian and English which will make it easier for you.


This feature contains a collection of daily prayers such as a prayer to wake up, want to eat, etc. Prayers for families such as prayers for protection for children, for newlyweds, when very sad, etc. In addition, there is also a prayer to be able to pay off debts, ask for rain, etc.

6. 99 Asmaul Husna (99 Names)

This feature displays 99 good and beautiful names of Allah SWT, where this feature is also equipped with an audio visual which will automatically mention in sequence with a very soothing voice.

7. Tasbih

This tasbih feature is very easy to use, moreover you can change the color of your prayer beads according to your taste to be more enthusiastic about dhikr. Besides that, you can also choose the number of grains for dhikr, which is 33 or 99, you can also find out how many times you have done dhikr.

8. Shahadah

This Shahadah feature is equipped audio visually, so you can while animating the reading of the shahadah. As we know that when someone wants to embrace Islam, they are required to read the Shahadah.

9. Islamic Calendar / Hijri Calendar (Hijri Calendar)

This feature is an Islamic calendar, as it is known that the Gregorian calendar is different from the Hijri calendar. Therefore, this feature will help you to find out the start date of Ramadan fasting. You can also add events on the calendar – enough Tap the + . icon

10. Zakat

This feature is a feature to calculate the amount of zakat that must be paid, but this feature cannot pay taxes. Don’t forget to change the Indonesian currency, namely IDR.

11. Islamic Content

This feature contains reading content that you can read anywhere and anytime. It should be noted that the readings on this feature are all related to Islam such as the story of the prophet, the door of reward, etc. Make it a habit to read in your spare time

12. Locations of Mosques and Halal Foods Around You

This feature will make it easier for you to find mosques around you when on a trip such as going home for Eid, besides that you can also find locations for halal food.