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Easy Way to Use Android With One Button

FooView is an android application that is not owned by iOS, this application makes it very easy for you to use Android everyday, why? because with only one button, namely Fooview, you can do many things at once, such as: can do screenshotsrecord screen, translate language, and so on.

Usually in accessing applications on mobile phones, we need a physical button, namely the button power with volume keys – used to perform screenshots. If you want to record the screen we need toinstall application screen recorderand when we want to translate the language we need toinstall google translate then copy and paste the sentence you want to translate. Doesn’t it take up a lot of space on our android? Therefore, the FooView application will save storage memory on your Android.

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to use Android with one button (FooView):

1. Make sure you have installed the FooView Android application, download it on the Google Play Store.

Download Fooview on Android

2. Run the application – Previously, several features in FooView will appear, and you can Tap to see how to use the feature, and more Tap I already know how to use it – on Settingsyou can turn it into a checklist as shown below.

3. In part Accessibility, Tap on on FooView Accessibility. In section position You can choose where to place the FooView button you want.

4. When FooView is installed, an icon will appear and you can use it immediately. Enough Tap and hold (hold) then all the applications that can be used will appear.

5. Here’s one way to use the screenshot feature with just one touch. Tap icon and drag to select the section you want to captured.

6. After finishing doing screenshots you can directly save or send to social media accounts easily.

7. To translate your language, simply block all the words you want to translate – Tap on icon like in the picture to change to English or vice versa.

8. To do screen recorder Tap and hold icon Tap the Screen Recorder icon to start recording. When it’s finished, it’s enough to move your phone and eat the process recording it’s finished.

The features above are one of the many features provided by Fooview. Good luck.