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Easy Era of Chaos

Keep losing while playing Might & Magic: Era of Chaos? Eits, wait a minute! In this article, we will share a leak Tips for winning in the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos easy, you really have to try.

Might & Magic : Era of Chaos is one of the best Ubisoft games in 2022. To play it requires an internet connection and the game can be played on Android 4.4 or above. Interestingly, through this game you will be invited to enter the fantasy RPG world of Era of Chaos. Don’t forget to upgrade your army, make clever game plans and show your strength in epic quests.

Download Game Might & Magic : Era of Chaos

Being one of the best games in 2022, in the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos you can gather your clan and join in on adventures to restore a job that is being ravaged by a great war. Not only that, you will also clash with other clans, dominate dungeons, destroy enemy castles and expand your empire in real time PvP warfare.

Might & Magic : Era of Chaos is a free game that is easy for beginners to play, but there are some game items that can be purchased for real money. To stay on the budget, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. For players, three stars in the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos is a priority. Don’t be surprised if there are many players who will do various ways to finish the stage well.

A type of strategy game, in the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos there is an important point that players must make, namely gathering the resources they have. Especially if the resources you have are very limited. Of course, this will make the players think even harder on how to mix these resources well.

There is good news, in order to reach a wider range of players in Southeast Asia, the game In order to reach a wider range of players in Southeast Asia, Might & Magic: Era of Chaos has launched new features and content. Not only that, free games it is also available in Indonesian. Has released some new features and content. In addition, this free game is also available in Indonesian.

Returning to the topic at the beginning, here are tips to win in the easiest Might & Magic: Era of Chaos game that you must try. Guaranteed, it will make it even easier for you to get three stars and defeat the enemy.

Never Miss a Tutorial

Just like other free online games, Might & Magic: Era of Chaos also provides tutorials to play the game for beginners. The presence of this tutorial is intended as a guide before players start the game. But unfortunately, until now there are still many novice players who ignore the tutorial and just skip it.

The tutorial for playing the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos is very important. Because, in this tutorial, we will explain about the mechanics of the game itself. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to get prizes at the beginning of the game. So, don’t ever skip the tutorial if you really want to win in this game.

Analyzing the Opponent’s Formation

The next step that is no less important is to start fighting back. But before that you have to do an analysis of the opponent’s formation. Determine well how the placement of your opponent’s unit.

Don’t forget to also pay attention to whether there are forts that can be breached with Charge Units. When playing the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, you have to be really careful, especially when making sure whether the defense unit is in the right place or not.

The reason is, because the defense unit is very useful to be used as a protector when there are opponents who attack. It is important to know, there are at least about 6 pieces in each star unit in the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, including the following.

  • Offensive, this is a useful unit to reduce Armor according to the available percentage. The Offensive Units include Angel, Goblin, Pikeman, Bone Dragon and many more.
  • Defense, this is the unit used to reduce the highest damage, because it is equipped with high stamina. These types of units include Black Dragon, Swordsman, Paladin and so on.
  • Charging, this is the unit used to give sick damage effects. The types of units that are claimed to be invincible include Harpy, Cavalier, Manticore, Unicorn and others.
  • Ranged, this is the most unique unit in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos. The types include Orcs, Marksman, Medusa and others.
  • Caster, this is a unit that has the power to magic and has the highest magic resistance. The types, namely Druid, Monk, Firebird and others.

Unit Updates

Even though it seems trivial, you need to update or upgrade existing units in the Might & Magic: Era of Chaos game. Because, that has a big enough influence on the victory of this game.

As a player, you need to master the match until you finally come out victorious instead of losing all the time in the game. To update units in the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos is very easy, namely by collecting resources from Dungeon results. The other way is to increase the level of the unit so that the basic status of the unit will also increase.

Collecting Fragments

As a player too, collecting Fragments in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos is definitely not an easy job. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. One way that you can try to get Fragments is to hunt from certain stages. In addition, you can also get Fragments from Gacha by looking at the Altar section.

Using Combo

Tips for winning in the game Might & Magic: The next Era of Chaos is to use Combos. Just like the Mobile Legends game, to beat your opponent you need a combination. In this game you can make combinations of special skills possessed by each existing hero, such as Debuff skills to opponents, Buffs to own units, or throwing magic attacks at opponents.

Collecting Materials

The last is to collect as much material as possible. To get a lot of materials you can take advantage of Crypt mode, Dragon Utopia or Dwarven Treasury. Some of these modes can be used to hunt for materials such as Exp Potions and Gold until your needs are met.

Those are the tips for winning in the game Might & Magic: Era of Chaos that you can easily follow. Hope the information is useful.