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Due to the CO-VID19 pandemic, the release of The Last of Us Part II has been postponed again

Sony again delays the release of The Last of Us part II game

The Last of Us Part II this year has become the most anticipated game by gamers, but recently SIE announced via its official twitter account that the game will be postponed again due to the global crisis due to the corona virus which has prevented them from releasing the game. the.

Apart from Sony, Naughty Dog as the developer also gave a statement regarding the postponement of The Last of Us 2. They say that although it is in the final stages of development, there are logistical issues that will prevent it from ensuring the best possible experience, including the global launch of the game.

Regarding the issue of the delay, Naughty Dog has yet to provide a new release date for the Game and only provides a statement that The Last of Us Part II will be re-launched once the logistical issues are resolved. Hopefully, this pandemic will end quickly and everything can return to normal so that the logistical problems of the game can run without any obstacles.