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Download Full PICSAY PRO Font 2022


Download Picsay Pro FontsPicsay Pro is a photo editing application for android that is trending right now and this application is one of the best photo editing applications with reviews of more than 25 thousand users on the playstore.
In editing photos using Picsay Pro, writing style or font is indeed quite important. With an attractive font, the edits you make will be even better to look at. Actually in the application there are already several default fonts, but the fonts provided will feel boring if you always use them. The solution to this problem is to use TTF fonts which are available in thousands of types.

Getting to Know TTF Fonts

True Type Font or TTF is developed by Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. In the 1980s the writing format was true type. This format allows all production devices from Apple and Microsoft to be able to use fonts better and have a universal impression. This font is also able to be read by printer devices easily so it is more popular and widely used than other types.

download picsay pro fonts

Difference between Picsay and Picsay Pro

Picsay Pro is the most popular and most popular photo editing application on Android today. This application is a paid version of the Picsay photo editing application. You can buy it for approximately Rp. 20,000 with a very helpful feature upgrade. The advantages of the Pro version of Picsay over the free version are that it has HDR settings, has tilt shift, and is optimized for tablets. These advantages are at the same time a differentiator between the two Android photo editing applications in addition to the paid and unpaid licenses. While the sizes are not much different, they are both small for a full-featured photo editing application where the free version is only 1.2 MB while the Pro version is 1.4 MB.

Picsay Pro Features

Picsay Pro has a myriad of features that can help you come up with ideas when it comes to editing photos. With this application you do not need to use heavy applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. In addition, you can also edit photos properly using only a smartphone. Here are the interesting features that you can take advantage of:

  • Insert Picture or Clipart

Inserting images or clipart through a computer photo editing application is fairly easy, you just have to drag and drop. But for Android, this feature is still rarely owned by some applications that have a low size like Picsay. With this feature you can insert images or clipart into the worksheets that have been created.

There are some people who are quite concerned with the contrast of the images they have. It could be that the contrast is too bright or vice versa so that you want to change it for the better and as you wish. Picsay Pro has a feature that you can use to adjust image contrast in an easy way.

  • Merge Multiple Photos

Combining several photos is often done, especially when making book covers or posters. Not only that, the photo merge feature can also be used to combine photos captured at different times. You can combine photos using Picsay very easily with just an Android device.

The cut and paste feature is one of the standard features that must be present in every photo editing application, including the paid Picsay. How to use this feature is also not much different from other photo editing applications.

This feature allows you to add text in the worksheet to be edited. By default Picsay Pro provides several fonts that you can use. However, if you are still not satisfied with the available fonts, you can install other fonts that can be downloaded via the internet.

  • Draw Doodle in Photo

Doodle images in photos do look quite special because they are rarely owned by other Android photo editing applications. With this feature you can draw or write on the worksheet using your finger directly. If an image goes wrong or doesn’t look good, you can delete it and redraw it.

In addition to crop and contrast settings, the Picsay Pro application still provides other modification features that are quite helpful. Modification features such as distort, frame, artistic, and so on.

One of my favorite features of this app is that you can add stickers. There are hundreds of stickers that you can use to make your photos more interesting and look unusual.

  • And many others

Other features and advantages include providing lots of effects to choose from, easy resizing, supports high-resolution photo editing, dramatic effects on photos, and so on.

Download Picsay Pro Font Pack

Here is the download link for the font for picsay pro without shortlinks or ads, just click on the download link below:

Picsay Pro Font Example

Here are some examples of TTF fonts that you can install on Android after you download the font pack:

  • Picsay Pro Racing Font Fonts
  • Picsay Pro Obelix Fonts
  • Picsay Pro Demonized Fonts

How to Install the Latest Picsay Pro Fonts

Before installing it, you must first download the font via the internet. There are many types of fonts that you can choose according to your taste. After successfully downloading, you can install the font in the Picsay Pro application in the following way:

  • Open the File Extractor App on Your Smartphone

When you download fonts via the internet, usually the downloaded fonts are in the form of zip/rar. The format cannot be used immediately if you have not extracted it. So the first thing you have to do is open a file extracting app on your smartphone. If you don’t have it, install it first through the Play Store. After entering the extracting application, then look for your font file, usually the file is in the Internal > Downloads folder.

After the font has been found, then extract the file so that the TTF file in it can be used to edit photos using the Picsay Pro application. How to extract it is by pressing the Extract option. Try to choose an empty folder to place the extracted files, you can also create a new folder. It aims to give you more flexibility when looking for extracted fonts.

When it’s finished extracting, find the font and then copy it. Paste the font you copied into the Fonts folder in the internal memory. You can only copy fonts into that folder because if you copy them to another folder, the transferred fonts will not be read by the Picsay Pro application.

For optimal results, before checking whether the font successfully entered the application or not, you should restart the smartphone first. After that just check the results.

How to check whether the font has been successfully installed on the Picsay Pro application is to open the application then select Create New Blank to create a new worksheet and then select Sticker. After that select Title then Tap to Style Title. A new option will appear, then select More Fonts. The font that you installed should have entered into the font row and ready to be used.

That’s complete information about TTF fonts, the difference between Picsay and Picsay Pro, Download Picsay Pro Fonts and how to install fonts to make them more diverse. Although the paid version of Picsay is not as complete as computer photo editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, it is already complete for Android photo editing applications. By adding interesting fonts, your photo edits will not lose to Photoshop.