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Don't Hesitate to Use Saber Mobile Legends! This is the reason

Are you one of those who hesitate to use? Saber Mobile Legends? Don’t rush to ignore it! Hero from class Assassin this is indeed known to be “thin blood” and often harms the team he is with if the players can’t control it. However, Saber also offers quite a few advantages as long as you know how to play it.

How do you get success playing with Saber? Study this guide.

Why Should You Play With Saber?

saber mobile legends story

Saber Mobile Legends story show the special fighter type Mechanical this. Starting as a formidable swordsman living in the Cadia Riverlands, Saber combines swordplay with advanced technology to form his new body.

Saber was previously considered a fighter who died quickly and would only burden the team. However, it turns out that Saber can be a great asset if you know how to play it. Here are some reasons why Saber can be your main fighter:

1. Have Many Swords

As a swordsman at once cyborg, Saber has many sharp weapons, including five flying swords. All of these swords can even return to their owners. Suitable for long range attacks. Although often considered ineffective, you can still increase the effect of this attack by choosing the right item.

2. Brutal Initial Attack

Saber has a brutal initial attack in terms of skills-his. In addition to a weapon that could return to its owner, Saber launched Damage layers that are suitable for paving the way for your team, although the impact may be less noticeable on large numbers of opponents.

3. Can Block Assassin

Although often considered less tough, Saber is actually able to balance the attacks of -type fighters Assassin like Fanny. Saber’s action was able to reduce Ultimate Skills belongs to type hero Assassin so the impact is not too big.

Build Items Most Painful for Saber

saber mobile legends build

You must have Saber Mobile Legends build items to anticipate his low “blood” so that he can die quickly. Here are some items for you to get to strengthen Saber.

1. Warrior Boots

Saber is considered a bit weak in stamina and movement when you are just starting to play. The solution? Get Warrior Boots as the first build item. These shoes increase movement speed up to 40 points so Saber is easy to dodge. There is also the addition of 22 armor points.

2. Blade of Despair

Saber must still be able to launch attacks during the early stages of the game. Blade of Despair is a sharp weapon that will help you get up to 170 physical attack points. Saber can also move more agile with a “contribution” of five percent extra movement speed.

3. Endless Battle

When you are in the middle of the game, don’t forget to get Endless Battle. This weapon gives a lot of points, such as 250 HP, 65 physical attack points, 25 regeneration points whereas well as an increase in movement speed of five percent.

4. Rose Gold Meteor

Want to get the ability to inflict damage while stealing a little of your opponent’s life force? Use the Rose Gold Meteor. This item automatically adds 60 physical attack points plus five percent of the opponent’s life theft. In anticipation of magical type attacks, there are also 30 points Magic Resistance.

5. Blade of Heptaseas

Blade of Heptaseas gives Saber a lot of advantages, perfect when the game is getting hot and getting dangerous. In addition to 300 HP, you can get 75 physical attack points, perfect for supporting your attacks.

6. Immortality

Finally, Immortality gives you the ability to revive after being killed by an opponent. Not only that, Saber will get 15 percent HP after awakening. Immortality also gives an additional 40 points Magic Resistance and 800 HP.

Apart from build items, Saber Mobile Legends skins available in a variety of colors and patterns, perfect for changing the look of the Saber to be more personal.

Plus and Minus Playing with Saber

saber mobile legends skill

What are the advantages of playing with Saber? Are there any downsides? Here are some you should be aware of.


  • Suitable for serving close combat
  • Have damage big enough especially if you already have build items
  • Players can easily control it in close combat.


  • The figure dies quickly because the life graph is thin (only two bar)
  • Damage Skill 1 hers at the start of the game is relatively small, especially if you don’t have one yet build items
  • It’s hard to take on long-range combat
  • A bit difficult to control in long range combat

How to GG by Playing Saber

saber mobile legends skin

Saber can give you the upper hand on a mission with a team, as long as you know how. Here are some tips to be able to GG:

1. Choose the Right Lane

Every hero Mobile Legends can excel as long as you use lane right during the mission. Saber fits in lane Forest (jungle) because he was able to kill the monsters in the forest area quickly. Saber can also infiltrate or hide from the opponent’s sight before attacking.

2. Play Safe Early in the Game

One of the tricks to play Saber to make it last longer is to play it safe. Because the life is relatively thin before getting a build item, you’re better off hiding at the beginning and focusing on collecting gold. After accumulating a lot of wealth, use it to buy build items to make Saber better.

3. Use the Ultimate Skill Combination

Ultimate Skills is Saber’s most powerful weapon, but its use must be combined with other skill combinations. For example, you can try Skill 2, Ultimate Skill, Skill 1then the basic movement when you want to target an opponent whose position is too far away and difficult to target.

4. Don’t Play Recklessly

Even though it is cyborg as well as a swordsman, Saber should not be played on impulse. Saber is designed as a fighter that kills silently, targeting the opposing team members one by one. You have to be good at reading the situation and sneaking in to kill the opposing team, or be alert when someone has done it crowd control.

Saber Mobile Legends is one of the unique fighters with abilities that at first glance ordinary. Purchase alloy build itemsconfidence, and strategy make you satisfied playing with Saber in Mobile Legends.