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Destroy Enemy Formation Easily

Guide Khufra Mobile Legends: Destroy Enemy Formation Easily, Hero Khufra is one of the many choices of heroes that you can use to help your team win the match easily. But it’s not as easy to imagine if you are not proficient and master this typical tank role hero.

For those of you who have a tank support role or Khufra’s tank initiator, maybe he can be one of the heroes that can be considered in your team’s draft pick. Considering that the hero is a subscription ban for the legend tier and above, it is not surprising that this hero is called one of the heroes op in season 15 this.

For you solo players, it will always be difficult to determine what hero is suitable to help you win every match. Moreover, there are so many problems when playing solo ranks, from selfish players, AFK at the beginning or in the middle of a match, or meeting players who are trolling.

Of course, the things mentioned above are very annoying for solo rank players. Now for those of you who want to win easily in the ranked game mode, you can try using the hero Khufra in your team’s draft pick, curious how to use the hero Khufra?, The following is an explanation that we immediately collected from pro-player RRQ LJ.

Guide Khufra Mobile Legends: Destroy Enemy Formation Easily

Actually, to master the hero Khufra is arguably quite easy as long as you are used to playing this hero. And Khufra’s hero is a very good hero you can use to play gangking aka play with a typical team-fight.

Khufra Hero Details

Hero Khufra Mobie Legends

As we can see in the picture above that this hero has quite strong durability or endurance, then he also has an attack power, namely offense which is quite sick, this hero also has a fairly good ability effect, and the last one for the difficulty level is at mid.

Khufra Hero Emblem Set

Emblem of Hero Khufra

For the set of emblems from the hero Khufra, here RRQ LJ uses a tank emblem which according to him, using this emblem will give this hero more endurance. And for his own talent he uses tenacity which is passive which is very helpful for increasing durability.

Khufra Hero Build Set

Build Hero Khufra

In terms of Build itself, here RRQ LJ uses durable types for items that will be used in the in-game later. He explained that the build above cannot be used as a benchmark, because in the game itself it is likely that the build will change depending on the greatest damage generated by the enemy hero.

Yes, after we discuss all kinds of things about this Khufra hero, starting with the details of the hero, then there is also a set of emblems, and closed with the build set of this hero. Furthermore, there are additional tips from this RRQ team tank.

According to RRQ LJ, to play this Khufra hero, you have to focus on initiating a war or starting an effective war, but how is that an effective war?, according to him, there is one key to making an effective war, namely rotation.

By doing the correct rotation, your chances of making a perfect war initiation will be much greater, if you fail to rotate along with gangking on one lane to the enemy hero, hurry back to the midlane to guard the turret, this will prevent the enemy team from getting the middle turret for free.