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Complete Acquaintance with Jai Free Fire Characters, come on!

One of the attractions that distinguishes Free Fire from games themed first-person shooter (FPS) is another variation of the character. In games Here, you can find characters with various backgrounds. One of them is Jai Free Fire character originating from India.

The appearance of the Jai character in Free Fire is the result of collaboration between the company and famous figures. Jai was built by taking the figure of a Bollywood actor named Hrithik Roshan. This is not the first policy like this, but it has also been carried out during the creation of the characters of Alok and Jota.

Jai Free Fire Short Biography

jai free fire character
  • Name : Jai
  • Age : 35 years
  • Birthdate : January 10
  • Male gender
  • Occupation: SWAT Team Member
  • Nationality : Indian

In games Free Fire, Jai is described as a person who has a high belief in justice. He also has a very high patriotic spirit. Moreover, Jai grew and grew up under his father’s upbringing who was a soldier.

His father who died in a battle defending the country had intended to include Jai into the army corps. His father wants Jai to become a soldier who can bring justice to innocent people who are often victims of oppression.

However, the life of a Jai ​​was not in accordance with the wishes of his late parents. Instead of being a soldier, this dashing character chooses a profession as a member of a SWAT team. Even so, Jai still has a high sense of justice, as evidenced by the various dangerous cases he has handled.

Skills Jai Karakter character

jai free fire

As a member of the SWAT team, Jai has a very high fighting ability. In fact, Jai Free Fire abilities is one of the characters rusher best. Therefore, for those of you who are used to playing aggressively on Free Fire, Jai is the right choice.

The abilities that make Jai Free Fire character very suitable for playing patterns rush is skills named raging reload. Skills this allows Jai to auto-load ammunition for every enemy he manages to defeat. However, this special ability is limited to only -type weapons assault rifle (AR), gun, submachine gun (SMG), and shotgun.

There are 6 levels of special abilities raging reload that you can get while playing Jai, namely:

Level 1

When you first use Jai, you can already take advantage of the abilities raging reload-his. It is just, raging reload Jai works by auto-filling ammo as much as 30% of the total capacity for each enemy that is successfully eliminated.

Level 2

When Jai manages to reach level 2, the ability raging reloadit also increased. There is an increase in the ability to load automatic ammunition to 33% of the total weapon capacity after defeating the enemy.

Level 3

Raging reload those who reach level 3 are capable of auto-loading ammunition by 36% of the total capacity magazine. You can get this ability increase when you successfully upgrade Jai to level 3.

Level 4

When successfully raise Jai to level 4, special ability raging reloadit’s growing again. You can take advantage of skills raging reload 39% of total capacity magazine for every enemy that is successfully knocked out.

Level 5

When Jai is at level 6, ability raging reload growing more and more deadly. You will get ammo refill of 42% of the total capacity of the weapon.

Level 6

Raging reload level 6 is the highest level of Jai’s special ability, unlocked when the character reaches level 8. At this level, you will get the ability to auto-load ammunition as much as 45% of the weapon’s capacity.

Pros and Cons of Jai Free Fire

jai free fire ability

Every character in Free Fire is not perfectly designed. Therefore, you will find that Jai Free Fire character also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Jai Free Fire

There are 3 main advantages that you can get from the figure of Jai in games Free Fire, namely:

#1. Raging reload is skills passive

The first advantage you can get from Jai Free Fire abilities raging reload work passively. Therefore, you can maximize the use of skills it at will. There is no time limit as is the case when using skills active.

#2. Jai no need to waste time reloading

Reload bullets do take only a few seconds. However, in close combat, you have to make the most of your time. For this one thing, Jai has an advantage. You don’t have to do reload when it runs out of ammo.

Special abilities in the form of raging reload Jai’s abilities make this character able to shoot bullets without stopping. Instead, you don’t just need to prepare a sufficient stock of bullets. However, you have to make sure that the bullets that are fired successfully paralyze the enemy.

#3. Perfect for rushers

If you want to play as rusher who has a role in advancing to the forefront, Jai is the right choice. All you have to do is shoot the bullets until they run out, and of course make sure that your aim is to paralyze the enemy.

Disadvantages of Jai Free Fire

Even so, you also need to pay attention to the weaknesses that exist in Jai Free Fire characterthat is:

#1. Jai’s special abilities don’t apply to all types of weapons

Jai Free Fire abilities in the form of raging reload only applies to certain types of weapons. Skills it will be useless when used to use -type weapons sniper or AWM.

#2. No bullets reload 100% capacity

At the highest level, ability raging reload Jai is only able to fill as much as 45% capacity magazine. Therefore, it is possible that you still need to reload the bullets manually.

Well, that’s the comprehensive information about Jai Free Fire that you need to know. To get this newest character, you can follow events hosted by Garena. Apart from that, you can also use diamonds free fire to buy Jai.

Hopefully useful, yes.