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Come on, Play Alpha Mobile Legend Like Jess No Limit, It's Fun!

Jess No Limit is not a foreign name in the world online game, especially Mobile Legends. He was pro player and join the EVOS eSports team at MPL Indonesia. Gamers Born February 5, 1996, he is also ranked 1 in the world in Mobile Legend Season 6. No wonder his name is very popular with young people who like it online game.

Currently, Jess No Limit is known as a famous YouTuber with subscribers who don’t play. On his account, he often posts content that explores questions about gaming. Various tricks for playing Mobile Legend are described in the form of videos. Along with the increasing interest of young people in online game, Jess No Limit’s YouTube account was also flooded with visitors.

Why Choose Alpha Mobile Legend?

alpha mobile legend story

Judging by her achievements, it’s no wonder that Jess No Limit gets a lot of attention, especially hero which he often plays to win the game. Hero Jess No Limit’s favorites include Gusion, Fanny, Hanzo, Karrie, and Bruno. However, apart from that he also played several times hero others like Alpha.

For Mobile Legend players, Alpha is often not the first choice. Because, hero experienced this nerf up to 5 times in a row so it is considered as one of the weakest. However, since Season 7, Alpha is back in the spotlight and is becoming the current Meta.

It’s no secret that effectiveness Alpha Mobile Legend depending on build items which he has. Hero it only takes 1-2 items damage because it has skills capable and able to carry out attacks true damage great one.

Well, to compensate for this ability, Alpha must be equipped with items defensive. Itheme this helps Alpha stay afloat while waiting for the period cooldown on hero skills. Ability to choose items right and playing it becomes the determinant for effectiveness hero this.

Ability hero Alpha

alpha mobile legends guide

Before playing Alpha, you certainly need to know what your abilities are hero this one. Here’s the explanation.

Skills Passive: Go, Beta!

Skills passive is ability hero which can harm the opponent without doing anything. Skill Alpha’s passive is that it allows Beta to mark and attack enemies when she uses skills active. Beta attacks can be continuous with damage as much as 150 pts.

Skills 1: Rotary Impact

Alpha Mobile Legend skills first is Rotary Impactnamely the movement of cutting forward to attack the enemy. Skill it generates Physical Damage and slow down Movement Speed.

Skills 2: Force Swing

Skills both Alphas are Force Swingnamely the ability to perform attacks in an area with a fan shape. Damage The result of this attack is quite painful, it even causes an HP regen effect. Beta will also attack the affected enemy skills this.

Skills Ultimate: Spear of Alpha

Skills Alpha Mobile Legend this one will make him do the attack dash to the specified target. As a result of this attack, there was an effect stun on the affected opponent. Beta also attacks the opponent’s target area and earns extra Physical Damage.

Jess No Limit Playing Tutorial

alpha mobile legends build

To play Alpha with skillsskills At her disposal, Jess No Limit has her own strategy. Come on, check here what to do.

Choose the Right Build

The success of the Alpha game depends on build items which is owned. Jess No Limit herself said that hero This is actually already very strong and resilient. However, Alpha Mobile Legend build will affect the outcome of the game.

Now, core items What you need to buy is Bloodlust Ax and Endless Battle. On both items there is an effect lifesteal and damage. Item Another thing to have is Hunter’s Knife and Pilager Ax. Both types items jungle this needs to be bought before core items.

Match Action with Game Sessions

When playing with Alpha, you have to pay attention to the game session. On early gamei.e. 0-2 minutes, you have to do clear lane first. Then, do farming and take Buff If possible. You can also take Monster Crabs. Do this while repaying the attack on the enemy.

On midgame, i.e. 4-10 minutes, players usually have reached level 4. The advice from Jess No Limit is to stay focused farming so that level up quickly and you earn a lot of money. Don’t forget to pay attention folder. So that if there are team members who are waryou can help.

On late games, i.e. after the tenth minute, focus on helping the team that is currently war. You need to focus attacks on hero with damage height, that is Assassin, Marksman, and Mage. Do it too solo lord or split push in order to make performance easy and powerful.

Beware of Hero Long distance

You need to know anything hero which can weaken Alpha. In this case, Alpha needs to be wary of hero who can attack from a distance, such as Kagura, Karrie, and Harley.

Hero lock like Akai and Chou can make Alpha weak. Hero which uses items Necklake of Durance can break the effect Lifesteal so detrimental to Alpha. However, you can excel when faced with hero which is hard to escape.

Not only Jess No Limit used Alpha, but also gamer famous like RRQ Lemon. Like Jess, Lemon also suggested buying build right for Alpha, like Warrior Boots Bloodlust Ax Endless Battle, etc. With build items In this case, Alpha is expected to be able to help the team to win the game.

Well, do you already have hero Alpha Mobile Legend? In terms of price, Alpha is priced quite high, which is 32,000 BP. You can exchange it for diamonds which is owned. For top up diamonds the easy way, you can do it via UniPin. There are various unipin payment methods available.

So, no need to hesitate anymore, let’s use Alpha immediately and enjoy exciting games on Mobile Legend like Jess No Limit.