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Coinciding with the Anniversary of Genshin Impact Players, there are negative ratings

Coinciding with the Anniversary aka the first anniversary of the Genshin Impact game. Fandoms and players flocked to flood the negative comments on the Google Play Store to Youtube which impacted on the declining rating.

Investigate, this scathing criticism from fans came after the anniversary event offered by miHoYo did not meet their expectations.

Even though the Genshin Impact game has managed to attract millions of players in the past year. According to fans, miHoYo couldn’t give a better appreciation to the players who participated in enlivening his game.

The main prize for the first Genshin Impact Anniversary event itself is 10 Intertwined Fate which if converted into a top-up form costs $20 or around 285 thousand rupiah.

While the Anniversary teaser which was released on his Youtube channel has reached 38 thousand dislikes, with some negative comments as follows:

“biggest online game in 2022 has the worst anniversary rewards hahaha”

“Mihoyo when they released this video: We did it patrick we save the anniversary”

This problem was initially caused by the disclosure of sales data for each banner character that exceeded the sales of AAA games, especially Raiden Shogun, so that players wanted a luxurious anniversary gift because the opinion of the game they played was also fantastic. Moreover, until now, Mihoyo has not officially announced the anniv prizes that players will get. It’s better if Mihoyo immediately announces what players get on the Genshin Impact 1st anniversary instead of spreading it to the YouTube channel

And some other negative reviews that compare the Genshin Impact anniversary event to be worse than other games.

As far as this article was written, the Genshin Impact rating on the Play Store Indonesia dropped from 4.5 and above to 2.3.